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Dining at ICAAC’s Training Restaurant


DINING at ICAAC’s Training Restaurant is always gastronomy at its best. A showcasing of the culinary students under the close supervision of Dean/Chef Lecturer Jeremy Young and Chef/Instructor Justin Mechill, one can always expect culinary creations at its finest. Here, students experience cooking for themselves as well as guests. The Culminating dinners of graduating students […]

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‘Conquistadores’ – A taste of Spain at Pusô Bistro


“CONQUISTADORES” or conquerors refer to the explorer/soldiers of the Spanish and Portuguese empires. During the “Age of Discovery,” Conquistadores sailed beyond Europe that included Americas, Oceania, Africa and Asia. They colonized much of the world for Spain and Portugal from the 16th to the 18th centuries. A Castilian expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan led to […]

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A taste of Carmen’s Best


FOR CARMEN’S Best Ice Cream, only dairy farm fresh milk and select quality ingredients get into this pure indulgence product. The father of Francisco “Paco” Magsaysay—former Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr.—saw the need to produce dairy since we import almost 98 percent of our dairy products from New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and USA. Finding a […]

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Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar


BRYAN Tiu was only 18 years old when he ventured into his own business with the support of his parents who owned textile stores in Tabora, Divisoria. His first attempt at franchising (Domino’s Pizza) may not have lasted, but his strong entrepreneurial stance somehow fixated on food, which he will pursue with passion. With a […]

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A taste of Okada


JAPANESE billionaire Kazuo Okada’s biggest project, Okada Manila, the Philippines’ newest and largest integrated resort and soon to be one of the world’s largest casino complexes, occupies 44 hectares of the booming Entertainment City in Parañaque. With over 21 diverse dining options, Okada Manila offers a taste of the world’s flavors. At the forefront is […]

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Feast of traditions at Tea of Spring


FOR the last 10 years, Chinese Chef Boon Bun Hoe has been satisfying discerning palates with contemporary cuisine at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa’s elegant Cantonese restaurant Tea of Spring. Inspired by the beautiful flavors of tea, he creates healthy and delightful dishes that reflect the rich culinary heritage of China. Tea of Spring […]

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Falling in love with Spanish cuisine at Café Uno


THE TRIO of hotel executives at the Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino (WAHC) knows that one of the defining aspects of hospitality is customer satisfaction by way of exciting food and beverage paired with excellent service. Food offerings can dramatically enhance the guests’ experience. We had the pleasure of being pampered guests over lunch at […]

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An auspicious feast at Tin Gow


TIN GOW, the premier Chinese restaurant of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino (WCCHC) has been satisfying the discerning palates with its refined Cantonese cuisine since it opened in the convention hotel in 1999. Its dim sum, those small portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates, in this elegant restaurant […]

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Feria’s feast for the New Year


CHINESE New Year or Spring Festival is a festive occasion that is widely celebrated in the Philippines. The Chinese, after all, have been around long before we were colonized by Spain. Today, Chinese Filipinos or “Tsinoys” are the largest overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and approximately comprise 25 percent of our population. It is not […]

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Sinulog Fiesta Food


FILIPINOS are essentially fiesta-loving people. And we have a lot to be thankful for our fiestas rooted in Christianity dating back to the Spanish colonial period. The celebrations of fiestas are held in honor of Patron Saints of every barrio and town. In fact, our religiosity and love for food define who we are. Our […]

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