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FITBIT TRACKS YOU STEPS; now it wants to chart your Zs, too


FITBIT, whose devices encourage people to walk 10,000 steps each day, now wants to put them to sleep as well. The company said data collected by the millions of Fitbit trackers in use show that people are averaging less than seven hours of sleep a night, the amount recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and […]

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130 experts denounce Trump’s revised travel ban


Over 130 US foreign policy experts have denounced President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban, saying it undermines America’s national security and interests as much as the original order barring travelers from some Muslim-majority countries and refugees. “To Muslims – including those victimized by or fighting against ISIS (Islamic State) – it will send a message […]

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Thailand seizes 422 pieces of smuggled elephant tusks


BANGKOK — Thai authorities have seized 422 pieces of elephant tusks and arrested a Gambian man suspected of smuggling the ivory, customs officials said Tuesday. The cut-up tusks were hidden in a shipment listed as unprocessed gemstones, Customs Department Director-General Kulit Sombatsiri said. The parcel was examined because Malawi is regarded as high-risk for smuggled […]

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Trump expected to sign new travel ban order


Washington — President Donald Trump is preparing to sign a revised executive order temporarily barring the entry of people from certain Muslim-majority countries and halting the nation’s refugee program. A White House official said plans to roll out the order were on track for Monday. The official insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the […]

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China stays mum on its defense budget


BEIJING — China in recent years has responded to calls for greater military transparency by releasing its defense budget. Not this year, it seems. The defense and finance ministries did not immediately respond to questions about why the government failed to provide a figure for its annual military spending at the opening of its rubber-stamp […]

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Malaysia: Kim Jong Nam died within 20 minutes of poisoning


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Malaysia’s health minister says the dose of poison given to North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un’s half brother was so high that it killed him “within 15-20 minutes.” Kim Jong Nam died Feb. 13 at Kuala Lumpur’s airport. Friday’s revelation by Malaysian police that the banned chemical weapon VX nerve agent […]

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Iraqi forces launch push to retake western Mosul from IS


BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces have launched an operation to retake the western half of Mosul from the Islamic State group. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the start of the operation early Sunday morning on state television, saying government forces were moving to “liberate the people of Mosul from Daesh oppression forever”, using the Arabic […]

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Migrants ‘invade’ Spanish border


MADRID — Almost 500 migrants forced their way into Spanish territory in North Africa early Friday by breaking through gates in the six-meter high fence that separates Morocco from Spain’s Ceuta enclave. The Ceuta regional government gave the figures, with officials saying it was believed to be the biggest border invasion in recent years. Ceuta […]

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75,000 evacuated in Greece to defuse 227-kilo WWII bomb


Thessaloniki, Greece — Authorities in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki were evacuating an estimated 75,000 people Sunday in order to defuse a 500-pound (227-kilogram) unexploded World War II bomb found under a gas station. The evacuation started at 7 a.m. (0500 GMT, noon PHT) but three hours later it was still continuing, delaying the […]

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Travel ban would ‘unleash chaos again’


WASHINGTON — Lawyers for Washington state and Minnesota have told a federal appellate court that restoring President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries would “unleash chaos again.” The filing with the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco came early Monday after the White House said it […]

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