Heart ‘n Seoul

Bai Hayde Quiñanola, Edd Buenaviaje, Jose Santino S. Bunachita 08/18/2017

Welcome to the country of K-drama, K-pop, and kimchi, where seasons are four and skincare regimens are to die for. Myeongdong, one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul, has a long stretch of beauty shops. Our…

Raising the Bar

Bai Hayde Quiñanola, Edd Buenaviaje 07/15/2017

  AT FIVE feet and seven inches tall, Phil Simon Infantado can present Pencil, Bow and Arrow, Crucifix, and we’re not talking about a Bring-Me game. It’s the ultimate body-twisting, core-hardening, leg-gripping sports art that is Pole…

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