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The upset of puberty


I guess it’s tougher for our generation today, Father,” the young fellow concluded. “In what sense?” I shifted on the mono-block chair. “The onset of puberty is earlier for us,” he explained. “On what grounds?” “Maybe our generation is different from yours?” he said. “I think, as regards entering puberty, generations aren’t very different. Biological, […]

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Home sick home


Kevin sat alone despite being surrounded by many of his noisy co-campers, and he was trying his best to hide his tears and sobbing jerks by simply looking down. “Yo, Kevin! Wazzup! You okay?” I sat down beside him. “No, Father!” he swayed his head, still looking downwards. “You don’t look so fine, dude!” “’Cause […]

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Creating Good Problems


Father?” Diego asked, “There’s a fellow I’m helping out, but he says he has no problems in life!” “That’s coool! I wish I also had none,” I jokingly replied. “But what advice can I give him?” Diego was very concerned. * * * Diego is one of the youth staffers of a camp called FORGE. […]

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The ungraduates


In these months, there will be another generation of students marching to graduate. The long years of hard work rendered with successes and failures, camaraderie and much more have hopefully coalesced into an identity creating career for the graduates. Parents too will cherish a sense of accomplishment and relief now that their sons or daughters […]

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Souvenirs of grace


Why dont you get a basket, Wilson?” He was a towering Christmas tree in April! He had Rosaries, scapulars and other religious articles hanging on both arms. His left hand tried to grasp on two miniature-sized Colosseum, two of St. Peter’s Square, and another of Trevi Fountain. “You know what, I could easily get a […]

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New version you


People strongly gravitate and get attached to anything new! This is especially true of gadgets, cars and fashion. The attraction is more pronounced with electronic tools and other technological accessories because technology progresses in giant steps that rapidly deliver more advanced features. What was number one of some must-have list a few months ago humbly […]

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Spot the diparents


Clyde and his dad were bonding over a “Spot the Difference” puzzle book. Some twenty minutes had passed and the two had managed to spy only three different things. “Hey guys, wuzzup?” His mother suddenly came out of the kitchen. “We’re trying to finish at least two sets this evening,” her husband said, greeting her […]

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Boy shadow blue


You mean you don’t remember, Steven?” Krishelle frowned with disbelief. “I can’t really say, Kris. Maybe the tests and medications in the facility made me forget,” Steven squinted, trying to force himself to remember what Krishelle was trying to remind him about. “’Sides, what can a three-year-old remember, Kris?” “I don’t know why I remember […]

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Boy shadow blue


I am going to be eighteen tomorrow?” the teenager’s unbelieving voice trembled with anxiety. “Yes,” a man wearing a laboratory gown sighed deeply with unquestionable regret. “Still, all our investigations have been inconclusive!” “What will turning eighteen be like?” The boy seemed not to share the man’s disappointment. “I can’t tell,” the doctor shrugged. “More […]

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Summary executions


The method of summarizing aims to make a complicated story, a hard lesson or a multi-layered event simpler and more understandable. Summarizing helps us to extract main ideas and integrate concepts to package for sharing with others. As a method, summarizing is useful for resolving problems related to things, but it cannot be applied to […]

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