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Ray Patrick Manigsaca: Lead and succeed


FOR a young man placed at the receiving end of the lead role in a company his father founded, this could be a difficult pill to swallow. Not to mention the likely fraught relationship that is akin to the “old bull” versus “young bull” viewpoint. Interestingly, these issues don’t seem to arise between the father-son […]

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Calming tea, healing touch


THERE’S the distinct pleasant smell of eucalyptus with a hint of peppermint by the door fronting the royal blue-washed wall lined with paintings in gold frames. In between is an 18th century-inspired English tea table with chairs, and the Royal Albert teacups and saucers are noticeable at the end of the room. Two things this spa […]

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Jonnette Alquizola: Her inspiring life

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SHE could be that classmate back in school who liked going out with her friends, is fond of children, and had a knack for teaching dance lessons. Then one fine ordinary school day, her life turned upside-down. Jonnette Alquizola, Founder of the Children of the Coast, was 22 years old when she was diagnosed with […]

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Beverly Dayanan: Breaking the mold

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DEFINITELY the home is a woman’s domain. In accordance with tradition, she’s in charge of all the housework, from doing the laundry to preparing the food. This is where Beverly Dayanan saw an opportunity. It’s a shot at going beyond a woman’s traditional role—not just building a home, but a whole residential community, and thus […]

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Chef Chele from Crimson Resort and Spa VASK  Tapas is the only Philippine restaurant to make it on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list last year and the man behind is Chef Jose Luis “Chele” Gonzales who, in his travels around the Philippines, inspired a menu of Spanish modern gastronomy techniques with a twist of […]

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Lippies fit for a princess


HAPPY Skin has been collaborating with local talents from the beauty and fashion industry since 2013 and now their first partnership with a global brand is giving women and young girls alike more reason to love this skin-caring makeup brand. The latest Disney Collection is giving us a major throwback feel on the happily ever-afters […]

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Ring in the Year of the Rooster


FORTUNE favors the brave. It’s an old adage that reminds us to take a leap of faith and do what we must regardless of the hardship that is ahead. Thus, we could only wish for things to rule in our favor and get to the end goal with less misfortune as possible. As luck comes […]

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Gift ideas for the last-minute gifter

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ONCE in a while during the holidays, we come across people who hand over presents that are individually wrapped in a box, and each hand-signed with a personal dedication enough to know they began working on them before the turning of the Ber months. When Christmas is already around the bend, there are only two […]

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Ashley Go: A song in her heart


SHE held the ukulele, cleared her throat and began strumming the strings. There was a wistful tune that came out, a carefree, jovial song, the kind that makes you want to snap your fingers and jam along. “I just came up with this last night,” said 13-year-old singer-songwriter Ashley Go. Ashley started exploring her interest […]

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Amy Ewing: No shrinking violet

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SHE STUDIED acting but dismisses the thought of pursuing that craft. She likes Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and, well, let’s say Keira Knightley, too. Meet Amy Ewing, timid as a child, purple-haired as an adult. Her dynamic character cannot be simply summed up in one persona. A good conversant, lively, and warm, Amy […]

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