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GO, go Power Rangers! Oh, gee. . . I think I’m going to barf. The latest incarnation of the Power Rangers should not be mistaken for the 1995 film version entitled “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” which was played almost strictly for laughs with the original American TV version of actors. Actually, the Power […]

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A wonderful Love Story


DISNEY runs amok in the live-action presentation of its timeless classic ”Beauty and the Beast”—injecting the first homosexual love affair of the House of Mouse. First—there is the movie—which is directed by Academy Award winner Bill Condon (Best Writing Adapted Screenplay in 1998 for “Gods and Monsters”) and it is sparkling! The story follows EXACTLY the […]

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THE KING is in the House! That’s right, true believers, the biggest,baddest alpha male is in charge and standing tall at 100 ft., taking on all opponents, human (and not) in “Kong: Skull Island.” This film version of Kong is completely unique and has absolutely nothing to do with the 1933 original; the 1933 sequel […]

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SO IT is for the Wolverine—and the swan song of Hugh Jackman—in“Logan,” a worthy and final farewell salute to the X-Man and the X-Universe of super powered mutants. Jackman wanted his insanely crazy clawed mutant to go out with a BANG and he certainly does as this elder statesman of the X mutants is the […]

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Local developer invests P5B in Liloan resort, condo


Cebu’s real estate development goes up to the northern town of Liloan as homegrown real estate developer Duros Land Properties Inc. (DLPI) announces its commitment to pour in five billion pesos for a 10-hectare residential development that includes an 18-hole golf course. Within The Woodlands Resort Communities will rise five condominium towers designed to cater […]

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A compelling take on equality and humanity


  Did you know the human brain is a living, functioning supercomputer, able to conceive and unravel the most complex mathematical equations in less time than it takes to blink your eye? Such is the true story of“Hidden Figures,” the unseen, heretofore unknown female heroines of Friendship 7 and US Astronaut John Glenn (and NASA’s) […]

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Let it go! Let it go! A ‘Frozen’ sing-along celebration


ORLANDO Florida — Okay … I’ll admit it. I am a terrible singer. Only in the shower will you hear me belt out a Broadway tune, something by Led Zeppelin or even a ballad from Frank Sinatra that will get me in the mood to challenge the day. But here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios you […]

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Arrival: Thinking man’s sci-fi film


DO “aliens” speak English? Or do they understand and can converse in Mandarin Chinese, Arabic or Hindi? These and other key questions are manifested when 12 massive spaceships arrive without warning, and it’s up to uber-linguist Amy Adams (“Man of Steel”) to figure how to say “Nihao” in “Arrival,” a Best Picture favorite at the […]

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The Finest Cruise Ship In The World


Some where in the Caribbean Sea—How do you describe “the best”? Does it linger fondly in your mind because of the service you received—the quality of the product you purchased, or the warmth of the smiles you saw around you every day? You will experience this and so much more when you step on board […]

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Hits and misses in Yimou’s latest flick


A HORDE of monstrous demons are ready to rampage through medieval Peking and it’s Matt Damon (“Jason Bourne”) to the rescue in “The Great Wall.” And great this wall is—the only man-made structure clearly visible to the eyes of astronauts in the International Space Station. Spanning 5,500 miles, the Great Wall of China took more […]

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