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Tokyo drift

A glorious wintermorning  in Hakone

WHEN one thinks of mega cities, Tokyo always appears near the top of the list. I’ve always been fascinated with this bustling Asian hub because it showcases the best of the best from this side of the world, going head to head with New York, London, Paris, and Sydney in terms of cutting edge technology, […]

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2017 Trend report

Choker necklace

HELLO fashionistas! While I am personally a big fan of classic wardrobe staples that never go out of style, let’s face it — once in a while, our closets need a bit of a boost to stay current. It has been a while since I’ve been out shopping (life gets in the way like that), […]

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Living it up in 2017

new you

HAPPY new year, all you beautiful people out there! It’s 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited … as they say, every new year brings with it 365 opportunities. Every day we wake up is a gift, and we would have a much better world if we all started acting like it! It has always […]

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The Kikay Christmas gift list


I DON’T know which part of the holiday rush I enjoy more—wrapping presents for friends and loved ones, or unwrapping their presents for me. It’s the last few days to Christmas and if you followed my advice from the previous article, you should be feeling cheery and stress-free despite the party fatigue. It is highly […]

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The holidays are coming!


Be kind. This season, while we enjoy all things lavish and extravagant, may we never forget others who do not have the means to celebrate for Christmas, the ones who need to work instead of spending time with their loved ones, the ones who forego their own comfort in service of others. I ALWAYS have […]

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Happy kikay Halloween


AH… the familiar sight of plastic jack o’lanterns, rubber ghoul masks, black cloaks and the Grim Reaper. Halloween is definitely coming for us in a few days, and that can only mean one thing: an excuse to parade around town in costume! From what I hear, Cebu will be hosting lots of awesome spooky parties, […]

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The magic of the yes


BEING an only child with overprotective parents, I grew up using “No” as my default answer to everything. Let’s go outside and play in the rain? No. Let’s ride a boat to the deep part of the sea and jump in? No. Let’s play hooky at school and go to the mall instead? No. So, […]

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The art of being a gentleman

Being a gentleman is something that should come as second nature, a way of 
being that is innate, without having to think. It is a 
consistent manner, regardless of who he is dealing with or talking to—man or woman, young or old, of the same 
socio-economic status or not. It is not something you switch on or off whenever you want.

I HAVE come to the sad conclusion that the species called ‘gentleman’ is slowly becoming a thing of the past. There are a lot of nice guys, yes, and they can be funny, attractive, smart, interesting or cool—but I’m sorry, they aren’t gentlemen, at least based on my honest opinion. In the first place, do […]

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Fashion in film

Sex and the City 2

I LOVE movies and I love fashion. So when these two collide, the result to me is truly an exhilarating experience. There used to be a time (before Google and cellphones) where, as an eight-year-old girl, I’d hit the pause button on the VCD just to draw the outfits of the characters, then I’d color […]

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Beauty for sale

Combined radiofrequency and electro-mesotherapy - the gentle face sculpting technology

MID-KIKAY conversation with friends, someone piped up that the only reason anybody is ugly these days is that they’re lazy. I couldn’t help but laugh – how true indeed. There’s a solution out there for every malady, and any “ugly duckling” can transform into an exquisite swan. Just look at the transformations of certain showbiz […]

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