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It can be done in 2 weeks


Last week I recommended splitting the DENR into two departments: one on Environment and the other on Natural Resources. You can’t find one person who is, first, a strict environmentalist, and, second, a supporter of responsible extraction of the natural resources we must have in the modern world. So I did some quick research. Australia […]

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Will they be done?


In June, President Duterte and his chosen Cabinet members met with the business community to discuss the economic plans of the new government (“340 heads are better than one,” Opinion, 6/30/16). It was very successful—or will be, if the agreements reached at the time get done. Which, given DU30’s record as “action man,” is likely. […]

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Pragmatism wins


The Inquirer editorial on Nov. 4 said, in discussing the return of Filipino fishermen to Panatag Shoal: “The problem … is that it is contingent on Chinese goodwill, it is at the mercy of Chinese whim, rather than the rule of law.” Exactly right, and we’re all too aware of how inutile the “rule of […]

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Get business on board


There are four things President Duterte can do right now that will convince the business community of his seriousness in supporting business and ensuring it can develop unhampered. I have increasingly heard business concerns, particularly in the foreign community, over the actions the President has taken to address the drug problem, as well as his […]

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These can be done


Here are some of the things I think we’d all like to see done real soon, like this year. It will need President Duterte’s determination to force bureaucrats to perform and Congress to act with dispatch. If Mr. Duterte is the action man he promised to be, all these can be done by Christmas. First […]

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Duterte’s Sona: finally beyond promises


In a well-crafted State of the Nation Address (Sona), President Duterte laid out his action agenda — not grandiose plans that never get done and not promises that are not kept, but a list of things to be done. Spoken with sleeves rolled up, to hell with protocol and tradition. I love it: “Get things […]

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Tuburan watched for ‘typhoid’

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Health authorities are monitoring  at least 19 cases of suspected typhoid fever  in one barangay of Tuburan town, midwestern Cebu. The same town suffered an outbreak of typhoid related to unsanitary water sources that affected over a thousand residents  two years ago. The Tuburan District Hospital started admitting  patients last Wednesday, but laboratory tests still […]

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Language the unifier


I know it’s unpopular with the nationalists, but I’ve long argued the importance of not losing English as the country’s principal language. Yes, losing. When my wife went to school in the ’50s and ’60s, English was the language of tuition and the language at home together with Tagalog. I have never accepted the argument […]

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