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Student journalists and the future of community news


While many aspiring journalists nationwide look to the capital to cover national events unfold, I did the opposite. I was already with a national news outlet and decided late 2015 that national news, listening to politicians repeat themselves and writing about high-level discussions and political events was no longer fulfilling. This, along with personal life […]

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Cite your (credible) sources


“Cite your sources.” High school and college teachers would repeat this over and over and over again to students writing essays or research papers until they get it right. But many elected officials in the Philippines, including those who have been serving in government for decades still fail to get this very basic concept right. […]

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The women journalists who taught me courage


If women journalists in the Philippines participated in the global campaign “A Day Without a Woman” for International Women’s Day this year, most newsrooms across the country would be very empty. Well, we do have a gender imbalance in Philippine newsrooms, but it’s the opposite. The first time I walked into a newsroom in this […]

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Was Edsa 1 a revolution?


( In today’s “Bias” I’d like to share this piece by a good friend Miguel Barretto Garcia, a Cebuano PhD. student, a University of San Carlos graduate and writer who shares his thoughts on the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.) This year marks the 31st year since the “Edsa People Power Revolution” […]

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Choose to love


If we cannot love each other yet, let us not hate each other too much.” This was the message delivered at the State of the Nation Address 2016. Last Valentine’s Day, I remembered these words and reflected if our nation had taken heed of this advice from our president himself. Love is often the favorite […]

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My month at CDN


After leaving my job at a local digital start-up last November, Cebu Daily News’ editor-in-chief Edralyn Benedicto invited me to come try out CDN. I was hesitant at first because I “grew up” as a journalist with a company that was digital only. CDN delivers its news both in print and on online. But I […]

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America’s Black History Month: If Ida B. Wells were alive today


Every February, the US celebrates Black History Month. While I’m not black, I grew up learning about leaders in the black community who fought for racial equality and justice there. Long before I decided to pursue a career in journalism, one black leader whose story inspired me was Ida B. Wells. Wells was born a […]

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Is mainstream media ‘jealous’ of Mocha’s engagement rate?


Forget the fact that before Rodrigo Duterte was elected president, engagement rate was not even discussed outside of a very exclusive group of those who worked in the media industry. Yet, lately, it’s been a favorite topic of prominent bloggers like Mocha Uson and Thinking Pinoy. Forget, also, that engagement is only one of several […]

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WATCH: Cebu street kids perform rap with powerful message

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In Cebu City, street children who knock on windows of cars or beg for money from commuters aren’t a new sight. But Jamil Faisal Adiong, a student at the University of San Carlos, spotted two children who had a unique way to ask for help. Near the Talamban campus, he saw two boys named Arjay […]

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Terror attack on Cebu flight to Japan remembered


( Read first part : AirAsia PH CEO recalls the 1994 bombing of Philippine Airline’s Flight 434 ) December 11, 1994. Philippine Airlines Flight 434 to Narita, Japan from Manila was ready to board at around 3:30 a.m. Pakistani terrorist Ramzi Yousef was among the passengers. Security was lax. There were no baggage scanners. The 747 […]

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