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Aboitiz, malls and corporate social responsibility


I was supposed to write something about the Inquirer series of articles on malls in the country published last year owing to the caveat that malls are among the most common and favored go-to places of Filipinos in recent years especially when one wants to escape the summer heat but don’t want to dip into […]

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Just drop the fare surge scheme


Last Wednesday’s public hearing on the proposed passenger jeepney fare rate increase at Cebu Normal University in Cebu City drew little interest from the public who are either resigned to it or simply don’t want to be inconvenienced with having to argue with transport operators determined to raise their fares this year. In fact, one […]

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A respite from the summer heat


As I wrote this, the sunlight was peeking out of the clouds that darkened the sky for a good part of yesterday morning in Cebu City, confirming the forecast of the state weather bureau Pagasa of cooler days this week. But whether or not there would be rains today, the point is summer is already […]

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Spoiled brats


By now, a lot of people have probably grown tired of the week-old road rage case involving one David Lim Jr., who posted bail and had left the dank confines of the Cebu City jail yesterday afternoon. The Lim case drew notoriety and attracted national attention not only because of what the young man did […]

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Commencement and fulfillment at journey’s end


While the Jollibee online wedding commercial shown in YouTube drew kudos and shed a few tears among the “hugot” audience in time for Valentine’s Day last month, it was McDonald’s turn to tug at the heartstrings of netizens with their “Good Morning Teacher!” online commercial this month of March which also happens to be graduation […]

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Water runs dry but not the drug supply


As I wrote this, the weather remained tolerably warm for the most part in Metro Cebu, but local news broadcasts had long reminded the public about the forecast of the state weather bureau Pagasa on the hot summer season ahead. As if Pagasa’s reminder isn’t enough, the drying up of faucets in every Metro Cebu […]

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Seeking an audience with Duterte


I got wind of reports on former Cebu City mayor Michael Rama’s desperate attempts to seek an audience with President Rodrigo Duterte last Wednesday or specifically Ash Wednesday, which officially kicks off the Lenten season. Though President Duterte isn’t God by even the remotest stretch of the imagination, any public declaration he makes that would […]

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Politically charged events


Probably the first transport strike of the year for Metro Cebu public transport operators will be held next Monday, but there are reports that the transport group here may join transport groups in Manila for tomorrow’s protest against the phase-out of the passenger jeepney. If that’s the case, then their timing is quite interesting since […]

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A commuter’s complaint


If the passenger jeepney groups had their way, an P8 to P9 fare will soon be charged to the riding public within the year, and that’s certainly not good news in the wake of the reinstatement of the P40 flag-down rate for taxis. A Cebu Daily News story that appeared last Saturday (“Cebu jeepney groups […]

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The Ermita situation


Last week’s verbal clash between Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña and Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino has brought to the fore the uncertain status of the city’s political opposition. While the mayor filed charges of obstruction of justice against Dino, the rest of Team Rama’s allies in the barangays have taken quite a […]

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