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China stays mum on its defense budget


BEIJING — China in recent years has responded to calls for greater military transparency by releasing its defense budget. Not this year, it seems. The defense and finance ministries did not immediately respond to questions about why the government failed to provide a figure for its annual military spending at the opening of its rubber-stamp […]

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Niccolo and Marco Polo Hotels launch Lunar New Year Offer


THE Year of Rooster will begin at the end of January and is a perfect time of year for family gatherings and celebrations. Niccolo and Marco Polo Hotels announce their holiday special for this festive season with double the celebrations. From now until February 12, guests who book will enjoy extra benefits including breakfast for […]

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China will ‘take the gloves off’ over Taiwan — media


BEIJING — China is running out of patience with Donald Trump’s stance on Taiwan, state media said on Monday, and will “take the gloves off” if he keeps challenging the One China policy. The US president-elect told the Wall Street Journal over the weekend the longstanding policy was up for negotiation, in his latest comment […]

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China warns Trump against sabotage of their interests


BEIJING — China offered its sternest rebuke yet to Donald Trump, saying anyone who challenges Beijing’s interests in Taiwan will “lift a rock only to crush his own toes.” “If he tries to sabotage the One China policy or harm China’s core interests, ultimately he will lift a rock only to crush his own toes,” […]

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‘The ice is melting’


That’s how Xu Liping, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences quoted by the Chinese daily, Global Times, described in a nutshell President Rodrigo Duterte’s 4-day state visit to China. He could have been pointing to the fruits of the rapprochement with China: In terms of investments and credit facilities, well worth $24 […]

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TV series on corrupt China officials get all agog


BEIJING — A week before a key meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China has mounted a massive propaganda blitz against graft with the airing of a new series that dishes the dirt on disgraced officials. The new eight-part series, titled “Always On The Road,” takes viewers behind the scenes of some of […]

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China, PH resume talk on sea disputes


BEIJING — China and the Philippines have agreed to resume a dialogue on their dispute over the South China Sea, a senior Chinese diplomat said Thursday following talks between the countries’ leaders. The move appeared to be a diplomatic victory for Beijing several months after an international arbitration tribunal invalidated China’s expansive territorial claims over […]

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China says Digong visit restores trust


BEIJING — Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says no “foreign force” can stand in the way of progress in the long-neglected relationship between China and the Philippines. Speaking in Beijing on Tuesday, Wang praised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for working to improve ties and for returning to “the track of dialogue and cooperation.” Wang said: […]

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Cebuano netter makes q’finals in China


CEBUANO Arthur Craig Pantino made the quarterfinal round of the International Tennis Federation (ITF)-sanctioned Junior 16 Beijing tennis tournament yesterday in Beijing, China. The former University of San Carlos netter chalked up victories against Mingyuan Yang, 6–2, 3–6, 6–1, and Egor Noskin , 6-4, 6-4, to set up a quarterfinal showdown against Yu Hsu of […]

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China operates world’s largest radio telescope


BEIJING — The world’s largest radio telescope began searching for signals from stars and galaxies and, perhaps, extraterrestrial life Sunday in a project demonstrating China’s rising ambitions in space and its pursuit of international scientific prestige. Beijing has poured billions into such ambitious scientific projects as well as its military-backed space program, including its second […]

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