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‘Conquistadores’ – A taste of Spain at Pusô Bistro


“CONQUISTADORES” or conquerors refer to the explorer/soldiers of the Spanish and Portuguese empires. During the “Age of Discovery,” Conquistadores sailed beyond Europe that included Americas, Oceania, Africa and Asia. They colonized much of the world for Spain and Portugal from the 16th to the 18th centuries. A Castilian expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan led to […]

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Fujinoya’s afternoon tea dessert bento box


JAPANESE Master Baker Hideo Goto must be smiling with pride every time he visits Fujinoya along Wilson Street in Lahug, which he established two years ago with Carlostito “Tito” Gothong, youngest son of shipping fame Bob Gothong. Fresh from earning his Business Management degree, 25-year-old Tito can now give his undivided attention to his bakery-cum-bistro. […]

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Chef’s Table at Puso Bistro


I WAS extremely delighted when Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu Marketing Communications Officer Ian Baol extended an invitation to my family for dinner at the Chef’s Table. A chef’s table is traditionally in the restaurant kitchen reserved for guests of the chef. These guests enjoy extra attention from the restaurant staff. The chef takes […]

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