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USC holds anti-death penalty noise barrage


The University of San Carlos (USC) has expressed its opposition against the revival of death penalty through a noise barrage on Thursday morning. Fr. Anthony Salas, Vice President for Academic Affairs said in a press conference that their school wants the congress and senate to know their stand against death penalty. The official statement, which […]

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Cebu province representatives vote yes except Del Mar; Abellanosa abstains Eight of Cebu’s ten congressional district representatives voted to reimpose the death penalty on drug-related offenses during the bill’s third and final reading at the House of Representatives on Tuesday. The lower house in a session last night passed House Bill 4727 — 216 yes, […]

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Death penalty approved on second reading

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Just as the country started its celebration of Lent, the House of Representatives on Ash Wednesday approved on second reading the bill seeking to restore the death penalty. This after the House majority on Wednesday’s session approved by voice voting House Bill 4727 which seeks to impose the capital punishment on drug-related offenses. The ayes […]

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Signature drive is on against death penalty


ACTIVIST groups in Cebu on Friday launched a signature drive to protest the administration’s plan to bring back the death penalty and to lower the criminal age of liability from 15 years old to nine. The activity was part of the nationwide campaign to gather at least a million signatures to convince lawmakers to vote […]

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Pro-lifer expects wide support, says miracles can still happen PRO-life advocates in Cebu, who have not given up just yet on the uphill battle against the reinstatement of the death penalty in the Philippines, expect a much bigger crowd to join them next month in another activity which they plan to hold. Tentatively set on […]

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Standing against the tide


They may not have the numbers, but what the Church and their followers in Metro Cebu lacked in numbers, they made up for with determination and solidarity with the thousands who attended the “Walk For Life” rally in Manila last Saturday. “We are not afraid. Padayon ta. (Let us continue.) If God is with us, […]

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Stand up for life


The odds are evident and the revival of the death penalty is imminent. Despite not getting the support of most of the lawmakers, pro-life advocates in Cebu refused to give up. At dusk yesterday, at least 800 people walked from the Cebu City Hall grounds down to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, carrying lighted candles and […]

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Pro-lifers to march against death penalty, drug killings


Pro-life advocates called on Cebuanos — Catholics or not — to join the “Walk for Life” on Saturday, February 18, to voice out opposition to plans to revive the death penalty and the spate of drug-related killings in the country. “The time for us to speak up and unify has come. If you believe in […]

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Catholics urged to join ‘Walk for Life’ set on Feb. 18


Pro-life advocates in Cebu will hold a solemn procession dubbed as “Walk for Life” on February 18 to voice out opposition to the spate of drug-related killings in the country and proposals to revive death penalty. “There have been issues that concern human life. I challenge all Catholics to take part in the event. Let […]

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‘Death penalty only punishes the poor’


Though knowing that he is in the minority, Rep. Raul del Mar of Cebu City’s north district remains adamant about his opposition to plans of reimposing the death penalty. During the interpellation and debate at the House of Representatives last Tuesday, Del Mar said death penalty is never the solution to address crimes. “When death […]

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