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Taiwan bans consumption, sale of dog and cat meat

BEIJING — Taiwan’s legislature has explicitly banned the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat and increased the penalty for animal cruelty, underscoring growing awareness of animal welfare in one of Asia’s most prosperous societies. The legislature amended Taiwan’s animal protection law to double the maximum penalty for deliberate harm to animals to two […]

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Thinking of getting a dog?


  HAVE you been thinking of getting a pet, particularly a dog, for the first time? Dogs are endearing, and the experience can be delightful and rewarding. They teach you about empathy. Studies have shown that there are health benefits too. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, having a dog around helps […]

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RUDE SECRETARY THE secretary of a southern Cebu mayor acted quite rude towards a reporter who asked for an interview with her boss. While telling the reporter to wait, the secretary didn’t bother putting the call on hold and complained loudly to her officemates about how she found the reporter annoying. When she hung up […]

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#CDNMayForever: Of Dogs and Cats


While couples on Valentine’s Day may be busy dining in the city’s fanciest restaurants, watching the latest Hollywood films, or just “Netflix-and-chilling” at home, Annalyn Aizpuru will be out on the streets feeding stray dogs just like any other day. Handing out scraps from restaurants to these homeless animals around the Panagdait area, which is […]

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TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE When an intelligence branch of a police unit in Cebu conducted two buy-bust operations simultaneously, it raised suspicions on some people. A Siloy pal was incredulous that the operations in different places had the same confiscated items. “Nahibong g’yud ko lahi og lugar pero nganong parehas og firearms na-confiscate pati […]

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‘Watch out for stray animals’

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Mandaue City residents were told to report the presence of any stray animals in their areas to their barangay officials to determine if they are rabid and pose any health risk to their communities. “The City Veterinary Office cannot predict the presence of suspected rabid animals in a barangay. What we need is more vigilance […]

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First aid for animal bites: rabies shots not garlic


GET anti-rabies shots if you are bitten by a dog, cat or rat. Dr. Joanri Riveral, Medical Officer III of Department of Health (DOH-7) said rubbing garlic on the bite wound will not kill the rabies virus that can affect the brain. “Look for the nearest animal bite treatment center and get an anti-rabies shot,” […]

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Oro filmmakers under fire for dog slaughter


“ORO” filmmakers are now under fire for “killing a dog” in the movie. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has called the attention of the MMFF executive committee to investigate the “dog slaughter” scene. In a letter sent to MMFF, PAWS asked for an inquiry on the “dog killing,” an clear act of animal cruelty. […]

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‘Jelak’ the K9 dog – PDEA’s weapon of choice in the fight against drugs


  JELAK is one lucky dog. In a country where street dogs are a dime a dozen, Jelak does not only have a home but is also well-fed and sleeps in an air-conditioned room. Moreover, his so-called luxurious life is paid for by the government. In reality, however, it is the Philippine government that is […]

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Tension sparks as China prepare for dog festival


Yulin, China – International groups and celebrities, backed by millions of foreign petitioners, have rallied against an annual dog meat festival in the Chinese city of Yulin: but the protests may have backfired, residents say, spurring more people to eat man’s best friend. “My store’s dog-meat sales are much higher than before, last year was […]

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