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Advocates hope Cebu LGUs will adopt these measures


ANTI-DISCRIMINATORY ORDINANCES Anti-discrimination advocates are now looking at the success story of 21-year-old Hezekiah Diaz, the transwoman who was recently allowed by her school to march and graduate as a woman, as a model in the fight for respect for nonheterosexual persons. Mandaue City officials were likewise elated that their anti-discrimination ordinance was instrumental in […]

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Hope amid pain


At a tender age of six, James Esparaguera already has an inkling of what he will be like 20 years from now. “Magpari ko. (I want to be a priest),” he said, creatively expressing his thoughts by sketching out a church on a cartolina. But his dream may have to wait a bit. Two years […]

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Over a hundred families in Tacloban get houses


Building homes of hope and resilience There is hope even in the darkest of times. Almost four years after the tragic Super Typhoon Yolanda, the people of Tacloban City have opened new chapters in their lives. Exhibiting the resiliency of the Filipino spirit, they have held on to light and optimism despite chaos and grief. […]

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Your last happiest days


In the ’70s, we told each other in posters: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Today, the same thought is better said this way: “These are your last happiest days.” Either way, the message is just as true. However many days we have left, one or forever, these are our […]

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Strength, not violence


Leave it to Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle to make eloquent discourses on spiritual and temporal issues, and last Saturday’s speech at the Luneta rally was no exception. He coined the church’s opposition to the war on illegal drugs and the revival of the death penalty in three words: Lakas hindi dahas (strength, not […]

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Hope and life emerge amid drug war deaths


They surrendered and lived to tell their stories. And to these men and women who, only months ago, could not even imagine giving up a life of drugs, it was a day like no other. Wearing green shirts with a scripture text proclaiming a rebirth in Christ, at least 25 individuals who were once enslaved […]

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Globe makes difference through giving


FOR the children at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Pediatric Cancer Clinic and for those who lost their homes and belongings when Typhoon Nina hit the Bicol region last month, Christmas was certainly a challenging time which Globe Telecom turned into a chance to provide hope and courage. “Christmas is a time for giving and […]

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Princess Leia’s message of hope


Carrie Fisher may have passed away; but Princess Leia, the “Star Wars” character she so brilliantly portrayed, lives on in our popular imagination. The veteran actress’ death is an opportune moment to pay tribute to the galaxy’s most famous princess and reflect on the lessons she can impart at this time in our national politics. […]

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(A four-part series on why there is hope for drug users and pushers) PART III How do you deal with drug addicts with a desire to change? According to Rene Francisco, co-developer of the Surrender to God (SuGod) drug recovery and renewal program, most of the time, they just need someone to listen to them. […]

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Marco Polo lights up Tree of Hope


In Marco Polo Plaza, the lighting up of the Tree of Hope signifies the beginning of the festive season. But more than that, this Christmas tradition also signifies the beginning of the season for giving. The lighting of the Tree of Hope was held last November 26, with the theme “Timeless Traditions.” The tree-lighting ceremony […]

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