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Joint venture eyed for plant


The inclusion of Cebu City’s septage treatment plant (STP) in its 93-1 land swap deal with Cebu province may drive the city’s septic haulers to revert to improper ways of disposing wastewater. Former Cebu City councilor Nida Cabrera voiced this concern even as she reiterated her support for either a joint venture with the province […]

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Joint Tokhang: A challenge to priests and pastors


After President Rodrigo Duterte suspended the war on drugs for one month because of alleged imperfections in the implementation, now it is back with measures to prevent some irregularities, if there is any, to happen again. Considering that there are some leaders of the Catholic Church who are vocal critics of the Duterte administration’s way […]

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Bursitis and tendinitis


BURSAE are tiny fluid-filled sacs that cushion the spaces where muscle passes over bone and where two muscles rub together. In your kneecaps and elbows, they form cushions between skin and bone. They can get inflamed when you injure or overwork an out-of-condition joint or even when you’re fighting fit, if you suddenly increase your […]

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