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Run for Gift of Life on May 7


The Rotary Club of Cebu will be holding its first running event dubbed “Run For Gift of Life” on May 7 at the Robinsons Galleria Cebu grounds. Around 2,000 runners are expected to join this running event which aims to raise funds to help children with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) through Let It Echo Foundation. […]

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Palma: Value life; live for Jesus


“MAY we live for Jesus, may we live for love, may we value life.” This was the resonating anti-abortion and pro-life message of Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma in his homily during the Palm Sunday Mass at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral to mark the start of the Holy Week. “May we live for Jesus. May we […]

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Lording it over life


Sen. Emmanuel Pacquiao tried to wear the theologian’s gown in his campaign for the return of capital punishment to the Philippine penal code. In August 2016, addressing opponents, he asked, “Are we greater than God because God is allowing death penalty in every nation and country?” In January 2017, he said, “Even Jesus Christ was […]

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India state approves life sentences for cow slaughter


India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat on Friday increased the punishment for cow slaughter from seven years to life imprisonment as Hindu hardliners push for tougher protections for the holy animal. Under the stiffened penalties passed by Gujarat’s state assembly, anyone caught transporting cows for slaughter could also face up to 10 […]

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Lording it over life


(First of two parts) On the first Sunday of Lent, priests usually explain to their congregations the meaning of the three temptations of Jesus Christ in the desert where he fasted for 40 days between his baptism and public ministry. This is right and just. The lure of turning stones into bread, jumping off a […]

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Life is a drinking party. Here is the most traditional way of doing it: rum and cola in a pitcher with ice. One glass passed hand to hand in a drinking circle. Tagay. There is a gunner. Every barkada has a gunner. He pours the drink in personal judicious style. He decides such things as […]

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Loving the LAW of Life


“We may not see the fruits of our planted seeds in a lifetime But always, let us savor the moments when our hands and heart touch the Land, Air and the Waters.And then by the wave of the wand of the Great Magician, mere mortals that we are become fellow givers of Life on Earth. […]

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Saving Life


(The last part of CDN’s three-part series on giving recovering drug addicts hope as the worst part of a junkie’s life could turn into something good.) He was in and out of jail for 18 years. Alain Joseph Aliño lied, stole things from his own household and neighbors, and indulged in a life of “drugs, […]

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Healing in our speech


The quality of our discourse has taken a nosedive. It has become commonplace to hear the half-joking expression “ipa-Tokhang ka nako ron (or else I will put you through Tokhang)” addressed to someone by whom the speaker would like to be taken seriously. Depending on your convictions about how best to solve the Philippine problem […]

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No to Tokhang


Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma’s decision not to allow priests to join Oplan Tokhang isn’t a big deal in terms of its impact on the police’s conduct of that campaign, but the church may lose some of its credibility to a discerning public. In refusing to allow the priests to join Oplan Tokhang, it is understandable […]

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