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Saving Life


(The last part of CDN’s three-part series on giving recovering drug addicts hope as the worst part of a junkie’s life could turn into something good.) He was in and out of jail for 18 years. Alain Joseph Aliño lied, stole things from his own household and neighbors, and indulged in a life of “drugs, […]

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Healing in our speech


The quality of our discourse has taken a nosedive. It has become commonplace to hear the half-joking expression “ipa-Tokhang ka nako ron (or else I will put you through Tokhang)” addressed to someone by whom the speaker would like to be taken seriously. Depending on your convictions about how best to solve the Philippine problem […]

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No to Tokhang


Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma’s decision not to allow priests to join Oplan Tokhang isn’t a big deal in terms of its impact on the police’s conduct of that campaign, but the church may lose some of its credibility to a discerning public. In refusing to allow the priests to join Oplan Tokhang, it is understandable […]

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Commencement and fulfillment at journey’s end


While the Jollibee online wedding commercial shown in YouTube drew kudos and shed a few tears among the “hugot” audience in time for Valentine’s Day last month, it was McDonald’s turn to tug at the heartstrings of netizens with their “Good Morning Teacher!” online commercial this month of March which also happens to be graduation […]

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Your last happiest days


In the ’70s, we told each other in posters: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Today, the same thought is better said this way: “These are your last happiest days.” Either way, the message is just as true. However many days we have left, one or forever, these are our […]

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The sacred right to life and our environment


It was quite disheartening to know of the passage by the House of Representatives of the bill restoring death penalty in the country. Only one representative from Cebu, Raul del Mar of the first district, was among the Courageous 54 who voted against it. Life is sacred and the right to life is inviolate and […]

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All things Art under one roof


  Elaine Coper Launched High-End Furniture Gallery family name opens oneself to great expectations in the public eye. Elaine Cooper bears this with exceptional artistic talent and a grateful heart for the successes she reaped all these years. At the launching of high-end furniture gallery aptly named Elaine Cooper Interiors and Gallery last Feb. 18, […]

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Pro-life groups decry pro-death legislators

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Dismay and disappointment in their congressmen were the overwhelming sentiments of pro-life advocates in Cebu. Some government officials likewise aired their stance against the death penalty but said they also respected the stance of the congressmen who voted in favor of the death penalty. “Tanang tawo has an opinion on the death penalty so let’s […]

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A Via Crucis


(First of two parts) We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you, because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world. First station: The institution of the Eucharist This is my body. This is my blood, says the Lord, the same one who said we do to him what we do to the […]

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Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar


BRYAN Tiu was only 18 years old when he ventured into his own business with the support of his parents who owned textile stores in Tabora, Divisoria. His first attempt at franchising (Domino’s Pizza) may not have lasted, but his strong entrepreneurial stance somehow fixated on food, which he will pursue with passion. With a […]

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