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Great Barrier Reef may never recover from bleaching: study

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef may never recover from last year’s warming-driven coral bleaching, said a study that called for urgent action in the face of ineffective conservation efforts. Record-high temperatures in 2015 and 2016 drove an unprecedented bleaching episode, which occurs when stressed corals expel the algae that live in their tissue and provide them […]

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The never-ending quest for justice


The quest for justice continues to this day. Sadly, the defenders of the voiceless and the marginalized are themselves victims of injustice. The brutal slaying last Wednesday of public interest lawyer, Manuelita “Maia” Mascarinas-Green in Bohol, with her three traumatized children and nanny as witnesses to the dastardly act, is heartbreaking and shocking to the […]

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Nietes vows to silence critics who doubt if he can still win a world title at 35 years old Age is just a number. So for Donnie “Ahas” Nietes, being 35 years old shouldn’t be a problem in the sport of boxing. This he’ll try to prove when he fights Eaktawan Morkrunthepthonburi of Thailand for […]

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