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President Duterte’s inconsistencies

By Democrito C. Barcenas, FLAG regional chair I am deeply convinced that President Rodrigo Duterte does not tolerate dissent and criticisms. Those who have disagreed with him or his policies are subjected to vicious attacks. What is apparent is that his assault against people and institutions has exposed his utter inconsistencies which borders on hypocrisy. Just […]

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LATE CALL TIME A real estate company invited prospective buyers to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for a project in southern Cebu. The call time was set at 7:30 a.m. since the coaster was supposed to leave by 8 a.m. from Cebu City. At 9:30 a.m., the vehicle still hasn’t left. One of the buyers, a […]

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Tokhang in Surigao


My hometown Surigao City gave President Rodrigo Duterte an overwhelming vote during the last elections. When I came here to vote last year, I noticed how supporters of the Liberal Party seemed to tend to hide any signs of their political inclination when left alone with the multitude of diehard Surigaonon Dutertards. Lining up at […]

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Palma urges Catholics to pray for healing of moral illnesses


“Lord, heal our land.” This prayer was echoed by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, who said that the nation’s moral sense has to be saved from total degradation and called on the people to pray and to revisit the faith. “The apparent indifference toward the killings in the war on drugs is but a moral illness. […]

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Lowering age of accountability


President Rodrigo Duterte may have had a point when he complained about Republic Act 9344 or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act, authored by Sen. Francis Pangilinan, which he blamed for the generations of youth offenders that came after its passage. President Duterte was right when he said the law, copied from other countries specifically […]

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Duterte’s tirades vs. media take highest office to ‘historic low’— CMFR


President Rodrigo Duterte’s expletive-laden attacks on the media have brought the presidency to a historic low, the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) said on Friday. “Made publicly and without any bases whatsoever, the president’s allegations against the media constitute verbal abuse — the cheapest form of harassment and intimidation that has brought the […]

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Anti-drug chief not agreeable to suspending polls


The provincial government’s anti-drug chief isn’t keen about President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to postpone the barangay elections and appoint barangay officials on his own. “I am not totally agreeable in terms of the appointment of barangay officials. For one, it is the authority of the people to choose their leaders in the barangay level,” said […]

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Unprecedented control


The Duterte administration has only until August this year to enact and approve a law that will suspend this year’s barangay elections for an undetermined period and allow the President to appoint barangay officials, but this early, it has raised a lot of critical questions on its constitutionality and its chief motive. Sure, President Rodrigo […]

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Special treatment


When businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles was brought to then president Benigno Aquino III to signify her surrender, thousands of netizens questioned whose strings she pulled to secure an audience with the highest official of the country. Regardless, she was booked like a common criminal and jailed, managing to secure a favor or two to make […]

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Duterte mulls postponement of barangay elections anew

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President Rodrigo Duterte wants the barangay elections postponed again. In a speech before the first general assembly of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) at the Manila Hotel on Tuesday, the President said he did not want the barangay elections held this year due to the purported influence of drug money in the […]

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