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Women’s Month inspirations


Many features of this year’s Women’s Month celebrations will remain in my heart and mind. In the launching program hosted by the Cebu Provincial Women’s Commission, there was the the very inspiring story of Raquel T. Choa. Life in the countryside with her grandparents acquainted her with the cacao. In the mountains of Balamban where […]

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SPECIAL DATE Two reporters asked each other about their dates during Valentine’s Day as they took a pause from writing their stories. One of them replied, “I dated myself. I’ve gotten used to this anyway. After all, I’ve been single for 30 years,” he said. He told the other reporter that “it’s not good to […]

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Hope and life emerge amid drug war deaths


They surrendered and lived to tell their stories. And to these men and women who, only months ago, could not even imagine giving up a life of drugs, it was a day like no other. Wearing green shirts with a scripture text proclaiming a rebirth in Christ, at least 25 individuals who were once enslaved […]

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They looketh up


As a boy, I was never bored exploring the dark vast starlit night-vault. It sparked, and continues doing so, my imagination with stories, adventures and of course Heaven. Today, there are lesser moments to contemplate this scenic nightscape in a light and chemically polluted city jungle like Manila. But the eternal unfolding night tapestry never […]

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7 people, 7 ideas in today’s TEDx University of San Carlos


Bookmark this page as we bring you the first TEDx in Cebu at the University of San Carlos with a theme: The Butterfly Effect. Event: 1:30 pm – 4 pm at USC-TC CAFA Theater

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