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Cebu gets a taste of ‘BLISS’


CRITICALLY-acclaimed director Jerrold Tarog is no stranger to Cebu, as he made his debut mockumentary indie film “Confessional” here 10 years ago. The movie, which won several awards at the Cinema One Originals and PMPC Film Awards, as well as the Best Film at the First Features Section at the 10th Osian Festival of Asian […]

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‘Conquistadores’ – A taste of Spain at Pusô Bistro


“CONQUISTADORES” or conquerors refer to the explorer/soldiers of the Spanish and Portuguese empires. During the “Age of Discovery,” Conquistadores sailed beyond Europe that included Americas, Oceania, Africa and Asia. They colonized much of the world for Spain and Portugal from the 16th to the 18th centuries. A Castilian expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan led to […]

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Chef Chele from Crimson Resort and Spa VASK  Tapas is the only Philippine restaurant to make it on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list last year and the man behind is Chef Jose Luis “Chele” Gonzales who, in his travels around the Philippines, inspired a menu of Spanish modern gastronomy techniques with a twist of […]

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The gift of tongue


“I DO not trust my tongue,” I excuse myself for my incapacity to determine if the coffee has the raisins or the chocolate. “You have to be aggressive,” Miko Simangan replies, then inquires if I could identify the flavors in the coffee he has just blended. “Of course, I can identify the flavors once they […]

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Cocina dela Casa


CHEF and sommelier Stephen Aznar has decided to stay home and entertain discerning diners with his out-of-the ordinary cuisine that he has honed after many years of living in New York City. An adventurous person belonging to the prominent Aznar family that once owned the Southwestern University, Stephen pursued further education in America but eventually […]

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