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Consul: No hold order against seven Koreans, they have right to travel


THERE is no explicit hold-departure order against the seven South Korean nationals allegedly engaging in sex tourism in Cebu. This was the clarification made by the Consulate of the Republic of Korea in Cebu following concerns raised by officials about the Korean nationals leaving Cebu and flying back to their home country. Korean consulate letter […]

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BI-7 claims they were not aware of travel restriction vs 7 South Koreans

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WHY were seven Korean nationals charged in Cebu with violating Philippine laws on sex trafficking allowed to leave the country despite a travel restriction issued by the court? The question hounds government authorities who were caught off guard with the sudden flight of the foreign nationals just a day after posting bail last week. The […]

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130 experts denounce Trump’s revised travel ban


Over 130 US foreign policy experts have denounced President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban, saying it undermines America’s national security and interests as much as the original order barring travelers from some Muslim-majority countries and refugees. “To Muslims – including those victimized by or fighting against ISIS (Islamic State) – it will send a message […]

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Date jar


Bangkok — In my absence from Casa Ruffolo Uno, the date jar has been placed in a little corner by Jeff’s work desk and there it is: sitting, lingering, waiting for its other owner to come home from her solo sojourn. The date jar was proposed by Jeff a few years back so we don’t […]

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Across the golden city of Jaisalmer


Text and photos by Aileen Siroy SHE APPEARED from nowhere and walked slowly towards me. She had deep sad eyes, and her skin etched by time. Although she looked sad and wrinkled, I can tell she was beautiful. “Hello,” I smiled. She looked at me but did not say anything. “Is it okay to take […]

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Beat D’ Heat travel expo starts today


AFFORDABLE travel deals are up for grabs as Air You Go Travels Experience celebrates the 5th year of Beat D’ Heat Summer Travel Expo at Ayala Activity Center starting today, March 10 to 12. The three-day travel expo will highlight over 40 exhibitors from hotels, tour operators and airline industries offering affordable local and international […]

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Trump expected to sign new travel ban order


Washington — President Donald Trump is preparing to sign a revised executive order temporarily barring the entry of people from certain Muslim-majority countries and halting the nation’s refugee program. A White House official said plans to roll out the order were on track for Monday. The official insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the […]

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After French pitch, exec of hotel in Hong Kong woos Cebuanos


WITH the strong performance of its economy this year and in the last couple of years, the Philippines has not only become a tourism destination but also a lucrative tourism market for other countries as well. A development, which also puts Cebu in the middle of it all. The French and tourism officials started the […]

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Travel Catalogue Int’l Expo starts today


GET the best travel deals as Travel Catalogue International 2017 invades Cebu on February 17-19 at the Ayala Activity Center. In an effort to promote the Philippines to the Filipinos, Cebu Tour and Travel Association (CTTA) and Cebu Alliance of Tour Operations Specialists (CATOS) took the lead to promote Cebu and the Philippines as a […]

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Tokyo drift


WHEN one thinks of mega cities, Tokyo always appears near the top of the list. I’ve always been fascinated with this bustling Asian hub because it showcases the best of the best from this side of the world, going head to head with New York, London, Paris, and Sydney in terms of cutting edge technology, […]

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