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Pagkabanhaw” is Binisaya for resurrection. The fact we have such a word means the Bisaya have a native concept of it. We did not learn or borrow the word from foreign imperialists. Pagkabanhaw is a pre-Western concept that is not hard for us to understand, though our current understanding of it must be interwoven by […]

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Napo evacuees return to farms, try to bring back lives before clash

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AFTER the armed encounter between government troops and suspected Abu Sayyaf members in Inabanga town in Bohol province, evacuees from Barangay Napo are trying to bring some normalcy back in their lives. Most of the evacuees from Barangay Napo have already returned to their homes to feed their animals and till their farms. Others joined […]

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Inabanga village chief claims 2 killed in clash were villagers, not Abu Sayyaf


INABANGA, Bohol-Do the five bodies recovered by the military really belong to members of the bandit group Abu Sayyaf? Not all, according to residents of remote village of Napo, Inabanga where alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf entered on Monday afternoon and engaged the joint military and police team in heavy gunfight that lasted for […]

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More govt. troops arrive in Bohol


INABANGA, Bohol-The clash between government troopers and suspected members of the bandit group Abu Sayyaf in Sitio Ilaya, in the remote village of Napo, Inabanga town, Bohol was not yet over, more than 24 hours since the fighting started. No one can come in and out of the village as both the police and the […]

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Govt. forces continue to monitor Barangay Napo area


  CEBU CITY–Airstrikes continued in Barangay Napo in Inabanga, Bohol until close to midnight on Tuesday, said Frank Baylosis, the municipality’s information officer. “But the airstrike was contained in Napo area,” he said. As of 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, around 1,081 families from Napo and neighboring barangays had been evacuated from their homes. Most stayed […]

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Rights group: PH killings ‘alarming’


CEBU CITY–A global human rights organization has described as “alarming” the spate of drug-related killings in the country that took place since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed his post in July 2016. In its annual report, Amnesty International (AI) said at least 7,080 drug suspects throughout the Philippines were killed either in police operations or by […]

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Mandaue police arrest 1 after PNP resumes drug war


A suspected drug pusher was arrested by the police during a buy-bust operation last Friday night in Barangay Canduman, Mandaue City. Operatives of Canduman Police Station led by station commander Aldrin Villacampa collared Levie Requilme, 35, in his house located on an interior portion of Canduman Housing past 9 p.m. last Friday. Recovered from his […]

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President Rodrigo Duterte remains committed to the war against drugs even if it meant that more drug suspects will die. The President, speaking while in Cordova town on Mactan Island yesterday, said the criticisms of the Catholic priests and bishops and even by international human rights groups cannot stop the drug war unless all drug […]

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Duterte lambasts church anew, defends gov’t’s drug war efforts


CORDOVA, Cebu–President Rodrigo Duterte stepped up his attacks against the Catholic Church whom he criticized for their alleged hypocrisy as he defended the government’s war against illegal drugs. In a speech laced with profanities, Mr. Duterte pointed out that priests were fond of wearing golden cross on their chests and using golden chalices while living […]

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Official: Soldiers’ arrest has no effect on Army’s role in drug war

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THE ARREST of the three soldiers inside a suspected drug den would not affect plans to have Army personnel assist the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in curbing illegal drugs. 1st Lt. Roger Abitria, acting spokesperson of the Cebu-based Armed Forces Central Command, assured the public that the arrest of the soldiers was an isolated […]

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