Are you brave enough to enter the horror hospital?


You’re lost in an abandoned building. An eerie calm fills the air. All is still except for a flickering light and what sounds like water dripping. The faint sound of a woman wailing… Footsteps echo along the hallway. Heavy breathing.. getting nearer.

Suddenly, there’s a blood-stained hand on your shoulder.

LOOKING for a good scare this Halloween season? I challenge you to experience Parkmall’s Spooktober attraction—“The Hospital: The Doctor Is In.”

At the entrance is a corpse wearing a hospital gown in a wheelchair, a gore-splattered wall behind him. There’s a small screen flashing bloody images of patients being killed by a psychopath nurse.

Faint-hearted as I am, I accepted a dare to explore the terror booth. Five of us—I, Nestle, Che Che, Izobelle and RJ—stumbled our way through a dark narrow maze. Lurking in the shadows, zombie patients were out to get us. We screamed. They appeared from behind, and chased us through the dark passageways…

Okay, this is how I played the scene in my mind.

In truth, I only remember the red blinking lights, the sound of thunder and the mad laugh reverberating throughout the place. O

Omigod, wrong turn. I desperately wanted the moment to end — the longest few minutes of my life.

I must have been running with my eyes closed through the chase, clutching Nestle’s arm. Yes, all the way to the exit.

Just so you know, I’m not one who can watch a scary flick without flinching, so I would normally avoid a fright night.

But what makes my story worth telling is that I tried to conquer my fears and survived that horror experience. Alive.

While “The Hospital: The Doctor Is In” may not be the goriest thing this Halloween season, my gang had a fun time going through the experience.

You will, too. Just don’t forget to look behind you.

* Groups of six pay only P50 per person. Parkmall is at Ouano Ave, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Mandaue City.

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