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Experience Japan with Ayo Ayo Cafe and Sauna

Ayo Ayo Cafe & Sauna prides itself on its authentic Japanese food and offers other services as well, including accommodation, a bar, and a sauna. |Contributed Photo

Cebu City, Philippines–With Filipinos making more frequent trips to various cities in Japan, many become more exposed to the Japanese culinary scene and in turn gained interest in Japan’s culture.

But due to the pandemic, numerous countries, including Japan,  have issued travel bans and advisories.

As a result, many travelers who planned to visit the Land of the Rising Sun are now forced to cancel their plans, increasing the urge to experience Japanese culture.

Luckily for Cebuanos, there’s no need for an expensive plane ticket to experience Japan.

Established in September 2016, Ayo Ayo Cafe and Sauna, not only offers authentic Japanese food, but also accommodation, a bar, and a newly built sauna for health and wellness.

The founder of Ayo Ayo Cafe and Sauna, Tomohiko Terada, came to the Philippines in 2013 to learn English while doing freelance IT work.

Tomohiko Terada, Proprietor of Ayo Ayo Cafe and Sauna, shares his inspiration in establishing his business. | Contributed photo

He always wanted to work in a comfortable space with good wifi and having good food that hits close to his home.

However, it was always a challenge for him to find this kind of place in the metro. That is why he then decided to start his own business with the set of requirements that he wanted – a good place, good food, with good Internet connection.

He founded Ayo Ayo Cafe, from the bisaya word “ayo ayo,” which means “take care,” to serve as a place for creative people wanting to make an impact to the world by doing what they do best and to connect people from various backgrounds.

For it to be unique, they planned and built the restaurant themselves from the ground up. From hand made furniture with good materials, to authentic Japanese food.

Check out their food products:

The food choices in Ayo Ayo’s menu is a reflection of Tomohiko’s lifestyle and what he wanted to eat that makes him happy.

As Japan is known for its long history of elaborated woodcraft, Ayo Ayo also offers high quality, customized wood pieces for their customers.

Here are some samples of their wood pieces:

Finally, Tomohiko Terada explains that Ayo Ayo is about sharing cross-cultural values and connecting people through good food, good place, good workspace, and a healthy lifestyle to create happy vibes in a happy city. /bmjo


Ayo Ayo Cafe is open for take-out and door-to-door delivery!

They are located at 44, Emilio Osmeña Street, Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City.

For deliveries and inquiries, you may contact Ayo Ayo Cafe directly on its Facebook page , instagram @ayoayocafe , or can send a text message to 0951 401 3129  or 0915 0171 282 or call 383-4493.

They deliver authentic Japanese food in Cebu City, Mandaue City, and Talisay City and you can also order through GrabFood, Angkas, and Lalamove.

Payment methods include Cash on Delivery, Paymaya, Gcash, and Bank Transfer. /bmjo


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