A picture is worth 186 House votes

Segundo Eclar Romero - @inquirerdotnet 10/16/2020

President Duterte’s enigmatic political partnership with his daughter Mayor Sara Duterte, 42, to whom he has entrusted the mayorship of Davao City, has lent considerable influence to the presidential daughter, which plays out every now and then…

The ‘budol-budol’ nation

Segundo Eclar Romero - @inquirerdotnet 09/11/2020

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana announced this week that he has allowed Dito Telecommunity to establish cell towers inside Philippine military bases. Dito Communications is 40-percent owned by China Telecom, a state-run company of China. Lorenzana says Dito…

The voodoo governors

Segundo Eclar Romero - @inquirerdotnet 07/27/2020

The drugstore was quite crowded, so the man sidled up to the saleslady at the counter and whispered, “Do you have condoms?” The clerk said “Yes.” He asked, “Do you have them in ‘extra large’?” The clerk…

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