Fun ways to look festival-ready for Sinulog 2020!

Immae Lachica 01/13/2020

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Just a few more days and everyone will be hitting the streets for the country’s grandest festival – the Sinulog 2020’s Grand Mardi Gras! But are you ready for this grand mayhem as far…


Editorial 01/24/2017

CAT-TASTROPHE A woman noted that the number of stray cats in her area went up in recent days and seemed glad about it until she saw a certain cat. Noting that the cat was a female, she…

Halloween face change with makeup and a creative touch

Michelle Joy L. Padayhag 10/29/2015

  Want to spend Halloween looking like a  a princess, a hag, a zombie or a famous fictional character? Cebuano makeup artist Chad Pantaleon is the go-to guy. From being a fastfood outlet crew member, Pantaleon learned…

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