Cebu City to pilot test an ‘intelligent traffic management system’

Morexette Marie B. Erram 11/03/2018

CEBU City may finally have an advanced intelligent traffic management system that will not only reinforce existing traffic rules and regulations but also help catch criminals. In a post on his official Facebook page, Cebu City Mayor…

A home without TV

Cris Evert Lato-Ruffolo 03/24/2017

We don’t have a TV at home. The idiot box failed to enter Casa Ruffolo Uno because Jeff was a staunch bouncer at the door, preventing mindless programming impact this family of five. A no-television home used…

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia

Philip S. Chua 10/30/2016

What is anorexia nervosa? This is a “psychological” disorder where the person has a disturbed sense of body image. He/she has a morbid fear of obesity, refuses to maintain a minimally normal body weight, and in women,…

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