Advocates push for blast-free fish markets

Michelle Joy L. Padayhag 11/01/2015

Various stakeholders in the campaign against illegal fishing agreed to work to ensure that fish sold in markets, especially Pasil fish market in Cebu City, would be dynamite-free. Doing this would require training consumers and fish inspectors…

Tombstones at sea for Cebuano diver

Michelle Joy L. Padayhag 11/01/2015

Students and friends of the late dive instructor  Al Bernard Coyoca lay  tombstones under the sea in his favorite diving spot in Mactan island  and another where he was found after an unsolved  Sept. 30 dynamite blast…

Can Pasil market ban sale of dynamited fish?

Marian Z. Codilla 10/30/2015

More than 24,000 people have signed a week-old online petition to stop dynamite fishing after a grieving mother in Cebu called on the government to ensure that public  and private markets  sell only “dynamite-free fish.” Lorna Coyoca…

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