From Agta to Tambaluslos, here’s a quick peek at mythical creatures in PH

Marc Cosep 10/29/2020

Our Philippine pantheon of mythical creatures consists of powerful beings and bloodthirsty creatures. Like our expansive culture, stories about these creatures vary in different regions throughout the archipelago. Although similar stories of mythical beings appear, some anthropologists…

Pokémon Go clone lets players collect saints instead of monsters

Marc Cosep 10/25/2018

A Catholic group recently released a video game that resembles the popular mobile game POKEMON GO. The Vatican-based game is called FOLLOW JC Go where players are tasked to collect saints and other religious figures to join…

Halloween face change with makeup and a creative touch

Michelle Joy L. Padayhag 10/29/2015

  Want to spend Halloween looking like a  a princess, a hag, a zombie or a famous fictional character? Cebuano makeup artist Chad Pantaleon is the go-to guy. From being a fastfood outlet crew member, Pantaleon learned…

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