Saving the seas from plastic pollution 


The video of a marine biologist removing a plastic straw stuck in a sea turtle’s nose in August 2015 catalyzed a larger movement to eliminate single use plastics, like plastic straws, from our day-to-day lives. Marine litter,…

The plastic ban ordinance

Dominic D. Yasay 12/31/2016

(PART 1) Saving Mandaue City from floods and garbage It has been four months since the Mandaue City government decided to bring back the muscle of the city-wide prohibition of plastic bags in a bid to address the city’s…

Consistency is Luigi’s biggest challenge

Nestor Ramirez 11/15/2016

When Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing implemented last July the ban on the use of plastic bags in business establishments, many viewed the order with skepticism because of the public’s excessive reliance on plastic in their various…

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