Saba bananas and kamote for your snack or dish 

Delta Dyrecka Letigio 01/08/2020

Preparing a healthy snack? Consider buying saba bananas (cardava bananas) or kamote (sweet potato). Both are good source of starch and minerals and can be prepared in many different ways.  They can either be boiled in sweetened…

Kamote: The versatile root crop

Raul Constantine Tabanao 12/27/2019

CEBU CITY, Philippines —  Sweet potatoes or kamote are probably one of the most versatile root crops. You can have it boiled, baked, roasted, fried or even mashed. Head on to your trusted internet browser and find a…


Immae A. Lachica 09/14/2019

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Sweet potato locally known as camote is a sweet-tasting starchy tuberous crop. This can be eaten whole or peeled.  Even the leaves are edible too. This root crop is popular in both urban…

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