Facts on vaccs

Fatima Gimenez - @inquirerdotnet 08/22/2022

Deterioration in handwriting with gradual neurologic compromise. History revealed that the child had contracted measles when she was less than a year old. Final diagnosis: subacute sclerosing panencephalitis. Ascending paralysis with subsequent inflammation of the brain. History…

Can vaccination be required?

Geronimo L. Sy - @inquirerdotnet 09/11/2021

It is not known to many, but there is actually a law in the country that makes vaccination compulsory. Republic Act No. 10152, passed in 2011, is “An Act providing for Mandatory Basic Immunization for Infants and…

Boy injures finger while answering modules; gets aid at Kasambagan health center

Marc Cosep 06/10/2021

IT all started with a bruise that later on became infected. John Lorence Leones, 15, injured his finger from spending long hours working on his modules. According to his mother, Mercy, John, a grade 10 student at…

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