Dong, Oscar, diin man ka gikan?

Gerard Pareja 02/29/2016

Salins Hulbot Ug nidaug na gyud si Leonardo DiCaprio og Oscar. Nakuptan na gyud niya ang gamay nga opaw nga istatuwa aguig primyo sa iyang pagkamangkamang sa snow sa pelikulang The Revenant. Dili kini maoy pinaka maayo…

Which Oscar-nominated movie matches your type?

Gerard Pareja 02/23/2016

The drama  when writing reviews is that no matter how objective one tries to be, one’s critique of the work will be colored by the writer’s own biases. So for the eight movies nominated in the Oscars…

THE REVENANT: Riveting tale of survival and revenge

Jeff Ruffolo 02/05/2016

LEONARDO DiCaprio (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) gives an Oscar-winning performance of an American frontiersman in the early 1820’s and his tale of survival and revenge. Taking place in the Dakota Mountains, but filmed in the unforgiving…

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