Words better than ‘I love you’ in the workplace

Immae Lachica 07/10/2019

Words are said to either lift you up or put you down. In the working world, there are a lot of words better than the famous eight-letter line, “I love you.” Let’s have a quick rundown on…

The WOEs and WOWs of Life

Francis B. Ongkingco 01/30/2016

Part 2 of 2 In the first part about the WOEs (Words Of Encouragement), we came up with helpful ideas for those who are recovering from some trials or struggles in their life. Now we are going…

WOEs and WOWs of Life

Francis B. Ongkingco 01/23/2016

In my few years dealing with young people (as well as not-so-young), I have constantly imparted some advice to help them in their spiritual and ascetical adventures. I call one group the WOEs and the other the…

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