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Coral reefs in hot water — study

PARIS — A spike in water temperature lasting only days bleached all the coral in a South China Sea atoll, and killed 40 percent of the tiny organisms within weeks, researchers reported Thursday. The six degree–Celsius surge at Dongsha Atoll in June 2015 was produced by a perfect storm of factors: the time of year, […]

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Face recognition flushes out China’s toilet paper crooks

A years-long crime spree by Chinese toilet paper thieves may have reached the end of its roll after park officials in southern Beijing installed facial recognition technology to flush out bathroom bandits. Park managers at the Temple of Heaven, an expanse of imperial landmarks in the capital, spent three years testing ways to foil the […]

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White House boosts security after bomb threat arrest

WASHINGTON — The US Secret Service bolstered security at the White House after a man was arrested after making threats at one its checkpoints, an official said. CNN reported that the man made a threat claiming he had a bomb in his car and that he was immediately arrested and the car in which he […]

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Great Barrier Reef may never recover from bleaching: study

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef may never recover from last year’s warming-driven coral bleaching, said a study that called for urgent action in the face of ineffective conservation efforts. Record-high temperatures in 2015 and 2016 drove an unprecedented bleaching episode, which occurs when stressed corals expel the algae that live in their tissue and provide them […]

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Cybercriminals focusing on data-rich smartphones

Smartphones have become a mine of personal information, holding bank data, credit card information and addresses, making them the preferred target for cybercriminals, experts warn. “Cybercriminals go where there is value, and they have understood that the smartphone has become the preferred terminal for online shopping and payment,” said Tanguy de Coatpont, head of the […]

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Trump considers new immigration order

WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump has said he is considering drafting a new order to ban migrants from majority-Muslim nations after his initial decree fell foul of the law. Insisting that he has the law on his side despite two defeats in federal court in quick succession, Trump said security concerns may necessitate a […]

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Indian doctor pulls live cockroach from woman’s head

NEW DELHI — It’s the stuff of nightmares — a cockroach crawls up your nose in the middle of the night, burrows in and drives you mad with scratching behind your eyes. But for one Indian woman, this horror story proved all too real. The 42-year-old had a painful crawling sensation behind her eyes when […]

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Amnesty: Syria regime hanged 13,000 in notorious prison

BEIRUT — Amnesty International accused Syria’s government on Tuesday of hanging up to 13,000 people at a notorious prison over five years in a “policy of extermination,” two weeks before planned peace talks. Titled “Human Slaughterhouse: Mass hanging and extermination at Saydnaya prison,” Amnesty’s damning report is based on interviews with 84 witnesses, including guards, […]

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Louvre reopens 24 hours after ‘Allahu Akbar’ attack

Paris, France — The Louvre reopened its doors Saturday, a day after soldiers outside the Paris museum shot and wounded a machete-wielding attacker, suspected of being an Egyptian national. The incident on Friday thrust the issue of security back into the limelight three months ahead of elections in France, with authorities saying it was a […]

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Trump fires acting attorney general

WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump has fired the acting attorney general, a holdover from the Obama administration, after she ordered Justice Department attorneys not to defend his controversial immigration orders. In a sharply worded statement, the White House called Sally Yates “weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration” and also criticized Democrats […]

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