20 on 20th: CDN in the eyes of 20 sports personalities


1. What I can’t forget about CDN is when Dale (sports reporter Glendale Rosal) interviewed my father when I became an Olympian. CDN really got my father’s message about the matter. And it was through that article that people were able to see my father proudly holding up my medals that were hanging from a hanger. It made him very happy that he was interviewed and that he was able to see himself in the newspaper. He was so happy even though he was already not feeling well that time. -Mary Joy Tabal (Olympian, Southeast Asian Games gold medalist in women’s marathon, five-time National Milo Marathon champion)

2. I have always held in high regards the way CDN and its reporters and photographers cover the goings on in the sport of football both local and national. In fact, some of CDN’s write ups and news reports in some of the momentous events in the local football scene such as the Azkal Friendlies, the AFC Presidents Cup, and the PFL inagural league games are framed and proudly displayed in the CFA office. – Ricky Dakay (Cebu Football Association president)

3. CDN’s writers are very courteous. Their writers have really helped me in my career especially in covering my upcoming races where I started as an athlete as I exerted my effort to bring pride to the country and my hometown. Sports fans have easier access to news because they CDN is up to date in social media networks like Facebook. -Jun Duron (multi-titled mountainbiker)

4. Congratulations to 20-year milestone! Cebu Daily News goes beyond just providing news. They tell the story in a way that you become a part of an athletes journey! Feel the tough hurdles of a coach or the team… It’s not just about who won or who lost, but also about the challenges of how it was won, and the drama behind how it was lost! -Ed Hayco (Cebu City Sports Commission chairman)

5. First thing, you always have a scoop in what’s happening in the sports arena. You’re complete as far as local sports is concerned, mas maayo man gud nga ang atong local ang matagaan ug space kay para ma-encourage sad sila. – Felix Tiukinhoy (Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. commissioner)


6. As an athlete, it came to a point that you’re at the same level with other celebrities because of the mileage/exposure we got from CDN, especially during Cebu Gems days. -Dondon Hontiveros (three-time PBA champion)

7. I am a subscriber of CDN because of the sports section. – Yayoy Alcoseba (multi-titled basketball head coach)

8. We’re grateful to CDN Sports because every time we have big projects, small or big projects, it’s always in the sports page. Of course the writers are very good, and it’s proven also as they always excel in the sports writing contests. – Ricky Ballesteros (Cebu City Sports Center manager, Milo Little Olympics and Milo Marathon organizer, Sinulog Foundation executive director)


9. Happy anniversary, Cebu Daily News! Thank you for delivering good sports news to all Cebuanos. I wish you more years. I hope you will be able to continue doing good in what you do. God bless you and more power! -June Mar Fajardo (four-time PBA MVP, five-time PBA champion)

10. CDN has been a part of every successful staging of the Ironman 70.3 in Cebu since 2012. CDN was there from planning, information dissemination on road closures and traffic advisories until the day after when everyone has safely crossed the finish line . Thank you, CDN for your support! Ironman 70.3 coverage will not be complete without your team. -Princess Galura (Sunrise Events Inc. general manager and organizer of the Ironman 70.3 Philippines)


11. In behalf of ALA Promotions , we would like to congratulate CDN on your 20th anniversary. And want to extend our gratitude to CDN for being a huge part on the success of the sport of boxing. Once again, congratulations and thank you! – Michael Aldeguer. (ALA Promotions International CEO)

12. What I like about CDN is that I always follow its latest news on the government’s war on drugs. That’s good news for me and CDN never fails to deliver that kind of news. – Mark “Magnifico” Magsayo (WBO international featherweight champion)

13. I appreciate CDN’s hard work and dedication. It’s been a pleasure to be featured in its sports section every time I compete either locally or internationally. Hoping CDN would catch more great stories of athletes like me because it helps inspire others to be successful in sports and in life. Thank you for all the support. It means a lot to me. – Rinna babanto (Southeast Asian Games taekwondo bronze medalist, World Poomsae champion)


14. CDN Sports is a partner for the development of sports. Most of my sports programs and events would not have been successful without CDN Sports! – Boying Rodriguez (Danao City Sports Commission head)

15. That you reached this far means the trust of the people on your paper is already there. The consistency, meaning you’re still here after so many years, that’s the answer to who you are now. Because of the trust. Because if you come to think of it, if you haven’t captured the trust of the people, not just in sports, you wouldn’t get this far. There would have been no CDN. It isn’t easy to build along the way. You have competitors but still you were able to compete even if you’re the youngest among the batch. It was easier for your competitors because they’re more established but you were able to cope. That’s where you gauge the trust. There’s a meaning why you’re still here. – Jessica Honoridez (University of Cebu athletics head and table tennis head coach)

16. Our warmest and very special greetings to CDN on their 20th anniversary. With this message goes our heartfelt thanks for their role in the promotion of ESKRIMA (ARNIS), which now ranks as the most popular martial arts in the world today. – Dionisio A. Canete (President, DOCE PARES and chairman-emeritus World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation)

17. The centerpiece of the Cebu Provincial Sports Commission’s program, in response to Governor Davide’s marching order, has been grassroots sports development. Through the years, CDN covers and features our sports program and events and has become our partner in ensuring that this grassroots program aimed to discover and develop athletes in the countryside, would gain traction and support from stakeholders, especially the mayors and bigwigs of local and national sports. – Ramil Abing (Executive Director, Cebu Provincial Sports Commission)

18. Since the start of mixed martial arts in Cebu in 2004, CDN has helped the sport grow through its coverage of the MMA fights. We are so grateful to the sportswriters of CDN, who, until now, are still with us in covering our events. – Master Benigno “Ekin” Caniga Jr. (YawYan ArDigma chief instructor. Cebu MMA pioneer)

19. CDN has been doing a great job of bringing the passion and achievements of Cebuano athletes to the people. – Jette Calderon (champion karter and auto racer)


20. CDN has captured every step of my journey to reaching to the finish line. It did not only bring the spotlight on me whenever I won a competition but also highlighted the support of my family, friends and my Alma Mater, the University of San Carlos. CDN also opened a lot of opportunities for me that paved the way for my success. – Mary Joy Loberanis (multi-titled Cebuana trackster)


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