Mega Cebu, LTO-7 launch ‘Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo’


EDUCATING motorists is one of the better ways to solve the everyday traffic problems of Metro Cebu, said local leaders and planners during Thursday’s launching of “Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo,” a project initiated by Mega Cebu and the Land Transportation Office in Central Visayas (LTO-7).

Cebu Road Heroes (CRH) president Peter Go said that they were happy to be tapped to promote disciplined driving to help lessen traffic congestion in Cebu.

“It’s a big boost sa amo (to us) because when we started our group, mao g’yud na among (it was really our) advocacy to educate the motorists,” Go said.

Go said that social media is their biggest platform in educating motorists.

But aside from this, Go said there will be CRH volunteers who will be sent on field to educate motorists and conduct an information drive.

Go believes that the people’s inability to follow simple traffic rules is a major factor that contributes to the traffic congestion in Metro Cebu.

Tarpaulins with road safety reminders will be set up across Metro Cebu and videos will be played in Local Government Unit ( LGU) offices to remind the public to always obey traffic laws, said Go.

“We are asking the help and support of all,” he added.

Mega Cebu is a program of the Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board (MCDCB), which aims to make Cebu a more livable and sustainable place to live in by 2050; while CRH is an advocacy group dedicated to road discipline.


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