CPO company’s expansion to open 600 jobs in Cebu

THE expansion of a clinical process outsourcing company (CPO), Shearwater Health, at the Cebu I.T. Park will open at least 600 jobs for nurses and clinicians.

Anshum Sinha, Shearwater Health chief operating officer, said during the opening of their Cebu I.T. Park center on Wednesday, that they were aiming to grow their clinically-certified staff from the current 567 in Cebu to 1,200 by 2019.

Sinha said that the expansion or the new office would help address the company’s demand for more high quality outsourcing solutions as their clients had also grown in number.

Tom Kendrot, Shearwater Health president and chief financial officer, said that their expansion in Cebu would show that Cebu being one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the country.

Kendrot also cited the strategic location of Cebu being the center of many surrounding island, but he also outlined the stiff competition as could be felt in the hiring rate in the sector of 10 percent to 20 percent.

Sinha attributed this regulated standards in the field of medicine.

However, the company’s executives remained optimistic of achieving their hiring goals especially since job opportunities in the firm would present a chance for nurses to expand their career choices.

Kendrot said these could give nurses an alternative career especially those who would not necessarily want to work “bedside.”

Shearwater Health is an American company which has three CPO centers in the country. Two of those centers are in Cebu with the first at the Cebu Business Park and the second at the newly opened Cebu I.T. Park branch.


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