Milo holds sports clinic for Cebu grassroots youth

The Sisters of Mary School – Boystown is one of the key grassroots football programs in Cebu province. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Committed to getting kids into sports to learn important life values and providing them access to world-class training, Milo and FC Barcelona held a special football clinic for over 80 underprivileged Cebuano kids during their latest installment of the Road to Barcelona invitational program last September 10 at the Cebu City Sports Complex.

Visiting FCB Youth Academy Spanish coaches Jordi Aguilar and Albert Batalla led the once-in-a-lifetime training session for the beneficiaries from the Cebu City Central Elementary School and the Sisters of Mary School – Boystown, the bases of local grassroots efforts in the city and in the province.

The young Cebuano athletes experienced playing the Barca way through theoretical lessons and practical drills.

During the training, Milo and FC Barcelona coaches shared HEART values (humility, effort, ambition, respect, and teamwork). Capping off the inspiring morning was Milo’s gifting of footballs to the kids of both beneficiaries, which brought heartwarming smiles to all the young players and will aid in the development of their respective grassroots football programs.

“We are honored and grateful to have Milo and FCB partner with our grassroots programs for this incredible experience for our Cebuano grassroots communities. We know that what they’ve learned here, the skills and most importantly, the values, will only push them to become even better, both on and off the field,” said Francis Ramirez, Cebu City Division Sports Coordinator and Cebu City Sports Commissioner.

“Through this special opportunity, we hope to nourish the ambitions of these kids and inspire them to continue pursuing sports. We strongly believe that sports is a powerful teacher that will help them succeed and become champions in life,” shared Willy de Ocampo, Nestle Philippines Vice President and Business Unit Manager. /PR