USJ-R Jaguars opens second round with win over USPF Panthers

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The University of San Jose Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars opened the second round of elimination with a 77-61 thrashing of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) Panthers, Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the Cebu Coliseum.

Renz Solomon towed USJ-R to its much needed second win with 17 points.

The win gave USJ-R a win-loss record of 2-5 while USPF dropped to a 3-4 card.

USPF was missing its foreign student athlete Sameen Swint who has been instrumental in their three wins in the first round.

Swint was not allowed to play because he had no proper uniform.

According to USPF manager Brian Jereza, Swint’s jersey was damaged during their game against the University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers.

They had a new one made for him but it wasn’t finished on time.

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