Five truths about dating an athlete

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Athletes are well loved for their game faces and how they keep their eyes on the price.

But its a totally different ride when you start to date one.

Dating an athlete is both rewarding and challenging at the same time.

Here are some truths about dating an athlete:

  1. Schedules are life— yep, you have to adjust to their practices and game schedules. You are left with no other choice but to  support their request for a me time to relax. This means that he does not have any plans of going out for the night. But never feel bad, there are always means where you could meet halfway. Instead, of going out on a date, why not surprise him with a takeout food for dinner.
  2. Support is everything— they love it when you show them that you know the game that they play by heart. This gives them a sense of feeling that you are indeed one with him or with his team. Your expression of support will surely boost their confidence as they prepare for their next game.
  3. Always have that proud moment— win or lose never forget to have that sense of pride that your athlete partner played his best.
  4. Personal trainer— yup! You got that right! No more trips to the gym alone. Or should we say no more trips to the gym at all. When you date an athlete, you can train like them and get the end result you have always wanted, that coca-cola body!
  5. Very driven and wants nothing but the best— just like their aim to win every game, an athlete boyfriend is also determined to achieve the best for you and your relationship. They see the future as something worth grinding for.

Many of us may say that athletes are the last persons that we would want to date because we see them as people who would want nothing but play their sport.

But then again, you will never know how having an athlete for a date can spice up your life unless you have one. / dcb