Lockdown in Sitio San Isidro, Barangay Quiot may be lifted

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Cebu City government is planning to lift the lockdown in Sitio San Isidro, Barangay Quiot after the results of the contact tracing returned negative for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Cebu City spokesperson, Rey Gealon, said that the Department of Health (DOH) has ruled out the possibility of community transmission in the area.

With this, Mayor Edgardo Labella will order the lifting of the lockdown in Sitio San Isidro as soon as possible so residents will no longer suffer through restricted movement.

“I-recommend karon sa atong kagamhanan base sa datos sa Department of Health nga nigawas nga negatibo na ang mga resulta sa swabs. I-recommend sa kagamhanan ang paglibkas sa lockdown dinhi sa Sitio San Isidro, Barangay Quiot,” said Gealon.

(The city government will recommend based on the data of the Department of Health, which reveals that the swab results are now negative. The city government will recommend the lifting of the lockdown in Sitio San Isidro, Barangay Quiot.)

Gealon said that this is the protocol for every sitio placed under lockdown, explaining that the lockdown status will depend on the results of the contact tracing.

If the contact tracing in the other five sitios placed under lockdown will yield negative results, the city will also lift the lockdown in those areas so resources will no longer be spent for these areas.

Gealon urged the barangays with locked down sitios to strictly implement restricted movement in the sitios and avoid any possible community transmission.

He reminded the public that lockdowns in sitios will become a common occurrence in the new normal as for every suspected case awaiting their swab result, the sitio will be locked down for contact tracing.

The lockdown can last three to fourteen days. If the public does not want to be placed under a long lockdown, they should cooperate with the stringent measures of social distancing, wearing of masks, and staying at home.

Once community transmission is ruled out, the site will be free from the lockdown. /bmjo