Trending online pandemic essential Coppermask reviewed by James Deakin

The first and guaranteed original CopperMask is now in the Philippines | Contributed Photo

When it comes to a “no biased, direct to the point review” of a product that has just been launched, whether it’s a car, an appliance or a gadget… there’s just one name that comes to most people’s mind… and that is, “James Deakin.”

Yes, known as one of the notable car review editors, to one of the country’s most reputable name when it comes to a product review… James Deakin helps the average “Pinoy” get about the daily grind and struggles of operating a new gadget by featuring a quick “How to” video review from his hit Vlog series “TITOTORIAL”.

#TitoTorial: What are Copper Masks?

What’s all the hoopla about these copper masks? Who is willing to help me try them out? Gimme your honest feedback. First 5 names drawn will get a 3-month supply from CopperMask for free.

Posted by James Deakin on Wednesday, September 2, 2020


On his recent “Titotorial” Vlog, he has featured “COPPERMASK” one of the Hottest Pandemic Protection Essential ever to hit the market and amongst netizens.

Coppermask, the first and the original Copper film face mask, infused with copper strands, that boast of having a natural anti-microbial property and helps stop and kill pathogen in a few hours upon contact, has been making waves lately on social media.

Different personalities and celebrities alike have been spotted on social media wearing the famed face mask that has spark a buzz and interest from the general public of what protection this mask can offer during the height of the Covid19 pandemic.

In his Titotorial Vlog, James explains how copper was used and benefited people in ancient times from its many conventional uses up to its renowned natural anti-microbial component that lead the way into the idea of creating the CopperMask.

James also explained from different scientific studies and sources that the Corona Virus last for hours and vary on different surfaces.

In steel, it last for 5 days, on wood takes about 4 days but only on copper that the virus last for only 4 hours.

It also notes the benefit that this mask brings when it comes to environmental friendliness. Washable, reusable and recyclable, good for 30 days’ continuous general public use.

James also highlighted the distinctive and patented respiratory design that paves the way for the user to breathe more easily, preventing fog build-up for those who wear glasses, letting moist air to escape downwards with ease.

When asked if viral particles could enter through the patented respiratory design, coppermask PH explains the logic for this feature. Coppermask PH explains that Viral particles are present in the droplets that are released thru the nose and mouth of an infected individual, from sneezing and coughing respectively.

Regardless of size, it is by gravity that these droplets go on a downward trajectory and not on an upward motion preventing droplets from going up.

If viral or bacterial particles land on the coppermask surface, it is where the natural anti-phatogenic property of the mask starts to kick in.

Coppermask PH also points out that this is a general public, regular use everyday protection mask and is not recommended for medical use.