Bikers’ road rage victim determined to file complaint against assailants

BIKERS' ROAD RAGE VICTIM is determined to file a complaint against his still unidentified assailants.

Marvin Lobitaña visits the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI-7) office with Antonio Tandingan to file his complaint against the ‘fake NBI’ agent on Monday, August 23. | CDN Photo

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The victim of last Sunday’s (August 22) bikers’ road rage in Mandaue City said that he was determined to file a complaint against the two bikers whom he claimed punched him on the face twice at the intersection of Hernan Cortes Street and A.S. Fortuna Avenue in Mandaue City.

Although the two assailants had yet to be identified, Marvin Lobitaña, 30, baker/delivery man, said that he would file a complaint against them regardless of what might happen.

Lobitaña was at the National Bureau of Investigation in Central Visayas office today, August 23, to coordinate with NBI agents there.

Antonio Tandingan, 34, Lobitaña’s companion at the time of the incident, said that he was also willing to be Lobitana’s witness of the incident.

Lawyer Renan Oliva, NBI-7 director, said that they were still waiting for the medical result of the victim to know what specific complaint the victim would file against the two bikers.

Oliva said that that was was apart from the planned Usurpation of Authority complaint that the NBI-7 was planning to file against the two bikers.

According to Lobitaña in an interview with CDN Digital, he and his companion were returning to the bakery in Barangay Banilad, Mandaue City after delivering bread at an outlet in a mall when the incident happened.

They were cruising along in their motorcycle-driven delivery vehicle along the A.S. Fortuna Avenue when they came upon a group of bikers.

“Naay ga bike nga lima sila kabuok. Naay babaye gauna, maoy akoang na overtake-kan unya hapit sya maigo. Unya niingon siya (babaye) nga hoy naay gabike diri gadanghag ra man ka. So akoang kauban niingon nga sorry kayo mam wa gyud (tuyoa) maam,” Lobitana said.

(There were five bikers ahead of us. A female biker was leading the group and she was the one whom I overtook but I nearly sideswiped her. And she said (the woman) hey! there’s a biker here, you are so reckless. So my companion said sorry maam it was not intentional.)

We stopped a few meters from the woman and she continued on.

“Pag abot sa unahan, niuna man siya kay nihunong man mi kadiyot, ni overtake na sad ko niya, hapit na sad siya maigo. Distansya sigurog usa ka dupa hapit, so wala ra, wa may storya, nidiretso ra mi,” he said.

(A few meters away, she went ahead of us because we stopped for a while, then we overtook her again and she was nearly hit again. It was about a meter distance from us. She did not say anything so we continued on.)

So pagabot sa stoplight, nihunong ko kay red signal man. Karon, niabot iyang kauban usa unya niingon nga “isweepan man nimo akoang kauban”, nidiretus siyag dapog nako, kaduha gyud nahitabo,” Lobitaña said.

(When I reached the stoplight, I stopped because it was a red light. Then the companion of the woman arrived and told me that “he sidewept his companion”, then he hit me twice.)

Lobitaña was referring to the man seen in the video wearing a black shirt. 

Lobitaña said that that man was the one who hit him in the head twice. 

After a while, another man, the one wearing a white shirt, approached them then placed his bicycle in front of Lobitaña’s vehicle.

Lobitaña said that they were then told not to drive away and told them that the bicycle in front of them was worth a million.

“Pag abot sa isa, niingon siya nga wa ka kahibawo nga minilyon ning amoang bike abante ron kay lungagan ko na inyong ulo, dayong sumbak siya nako. Pag ikaduha niyang sumbag diri na sad ko naigo,” he added.

(When the second man arrived, he told us that you don’t know our bikes are worth millions, drive away and I’ll put a whole in your head. Then he punched me once and then he punched again and I was hit here (in the face).)

Tandingan, for his part, said that as he was about to react and help Lobitaña, the man wearing a white shirt threatened him, prompting him to stop.

“Bonutan daw ko niya kay niaksyon kog lihok, kanang NBI kuno siya,” Tandingan said.

(He will pull out [a weapon] when I tried to move to help my friend, and he told me that he was an NBI agent.)

Tandingan said that he saw a small bag at the side of the man in a white shirt. 

However, he was not sure if there was a firearm inside or none at all. Considering that he claimed that he was an NBI agent, he did not attempt to fight back.

Lobitaña said that if he could see them again, he could identify them. 

With this, Oliva said that they already advised Lobitana to include and describe the assailants in his formal statement. 

Oliva said that they would also secure a cartographic sketch based on the information from the victim.

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