‘Sorry, thank you,’ Liza Soberano tells ABS-CBN, Ogie Diaz, Enrique Gil

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano. Image: screengrab from YouTube/GMA Network

After receiving backlash on her revelations about her career with ABS-CBN, Liza Soberano said sorry to her previous network, her former manager Ogie Diaz, and boyfriend, Enrique Gil.

At the same time, Soberano also expressed thanks to Diaz and ABS-CBN for “taking a chance” on her, and for guiding her in the early stages of her showbiz career.

More than a week after her two-part interview with Boy Abunda was aired, the actress acknowledged that she may have hurt some people with what she said in her vlog about being typecast and not having a voice in her career. She also recently claimed that she was only receiving 30 percent of her earnings due to commissions.

The “Alone Together” star was asked about what she wanted to say to Diaz, who issued various clarifications about their former manager-talent relationship on social media and his official YouTube channel.

“To Tito Ogie [Diaz], I would like to say sorry if I hurt his feelings through my [This is Me] vlog, and I would say thank you for everything that I have, everything that I know, and everything that I achieved [as an actress] through his help,” she replied.

Diaz, in responding to Soberano’s claims, earlier pointed out that the actress was able to get 63 percent of her talent fee because he was only entitled to 20 percent commission, while Star Magic got 10 percent. He said that the actress’ aunt and road manager Jonilyn “Joni” Castillo was receiving seven percent of Soberano’s 70 percent income.

During the interview, Soberano also said that she has always considered ABS-CBN as her “second home” when asked about the reaction of some network executives who were miffed by her controversial vlog, with some calling her out for being “ungrateful.”

“You know ABS-CBN was always my second home. I have devoted so many years to them, and I’m also sorry again to them if there were people that I’ve worked with closely that were offended by some of the things I’ve said in my vlog. It was not my intention,” she said.

“They know this. I’m thankful for them for taking a risk on me when I was a nobody, for investing in me, developing me, and for creating Liza Soberano. Thank you also for being so understanding when I decided to not renew with them,” she added.

After ABS-CBN, Soberano signed up as a talent with Careless, a label founded by actor-musician James Reid.

Meanwhile, Soberano also apologized to her boyfriend, actor Enrique Gil, for “not being able to see his struggle” with her career direction.

Soberano and Gil were known as the popular love team LizQuen before they brought their relationship to a personal level to become real-life sweethearts.

“I feel like I should say sorry to Quen for not being as understanding [to him], or for not being able to see through his struggles because I was struggling at the same time too. I want to say thank you because he was very understanding of the whole situation,” she said in response, addressing her boyfriend with his nickname.

“[Gil] supports me with everything that I do. And he’s always been a good friend, good boyfriend, and everything that I could [ever ask for] amidst my success. He was the person that I got to share it with in that way. And [LizQuen] was a good experience,” she further explained.


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