Scarborough Shoal convoy: 100 civilian boats will join sea caravan

Scarborough Shoal convoy: 100 civilian boats will join ‘WPS mission’


MANILA, Philippines — The Scarborough Shoal convoy on May 15 will have 100 civilian fishing boats joining the sea caravan.

It will culminate in the installation of assertive buoys. The civiliam mission will go on despite the mounting tensions in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).


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The Atin Ito coalition said two mother boats will lead this civilian mission, which is also aiming to bring essential supplies for the fishermen there.

“The primary objectives of the mission are to conduct a ‘peace and solidarity regatta’ within our EEZ, during which symbolic markers/buoys emblazoned with the rallying cry “WPS, Atin Ito!” (WPS is ours!) will be placed to reinforce our country’s territorial integrity,” said Atin Ito coalition co-convenor Rafaela David in a statement on Thursday.

“We will also explore the possibility of delivering essential supplies, including fuel, to Filipino fishers operating in the area,” David also said.