Who lost their jobs?

Cielito F. Habito - @inquirerdotnet 09/15/2020

  After the deep decline in jobs last April that brought our unemployment rate to a record 17.7 percent and the number of jobless workers to 7.3 million, the July jobs data gave a bit of a…

Dancing with the virus

Cielito F. Habito - @inquirerdotnet 09/08/2020

At a time of great uncertainty on when the pandemic crisis will blow over and what further threats lie ahead, I’ve seen heartening examples of how firms and households are coping with and adjusting to the severe…

Rubbing salt on the wound

Cielito F. Habito - @inquirerdotnet 09/01/2020

  One too often gets the feeling, and I’ve occasionally written about it, that our so-called public servants in government can be such experts in constantly finding ways to make life more difficult for us Filipinos. Filipino…

Social bonding, not distancing

Cielito F. Habito - @inquirerdotnet 08/25/2020

  I know I’m not the only one who feels uncomfortable with the phrase “social distancing,” which suddenly became part of our daily vocabulary since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, even though it’s actually an unfortunate misnomer.…

In search of economic boosters

Cielito F. Habito - @inquirerdotnet 07/31/2020

  Someone asked me the other day what I see to be the “bright spots” that could carry our economy through the difficult way out of the pandemic-induced recession. Where can we look to for hope of…

No one left behind

Cielito F. Habito - @inquirerdotnet 07/14/2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most difficult challenges facing us as a nation is how to resume the education of our children and youth when gathering them in their classrooms remains very…

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