Early lessons from the US elections

Gideon Lasco - @inquirerdotnet 11/06/2020

As I write this, Joe Biden seems to be on the verge of victory over Donald Trump, in a general election that has turned out to be much closer than polls suggested (A “nail-biter,” as my sister…

When a president gets sick

Gideon Lasco - @inquirerdotnet 10/23/2020

News that Donald Trump got sick from a coronavirus infection early this month had political observers buzzing much more than the fly on Mike Pence’s head. For a few days, the world awaited developments from Walter Reed…

The social meanings of face masks, revisited

Gideon Lasco - @inquirerdotnet 07/30/2020

It has been exactly six months since I wrote about face masks in this column, and the world has drastically changed since. Back then, people hoarded masks amid fears of ash fall, and what inspired me to…

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