Conserving the high seas

Rodel D. Lasco - @inquirerdotnet 03/15/2023

In what is known as the wild west of oceans, piracy used to reign supreme until about 300 years ago. The “high seas” evoke images of adventure, the unknown, and danger. Today, the high seas refer to…

Disasters are not natural

Rodel D. Lasco - @inquirerdotnet 02/26/2022

Whenever typhoons or earthquakes wreak havoc in our country, people quickly call these events “natural disasters.” While this is true, such terminology hides dangerous assumptions that could impede resilience to future disasters. After all, if disasters are…

Forests, pandemics, and money

Rodel D. Lasco - @inquirerdotnet 10/11/2020

The warning signs are everywhere. In the pursuit of “development,” humans have radically modified the natural world. Among the worst affected are the planet’s forest ecosystems. The world has lost about 40 percent of its forests since…

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